Lapland Rainbow

Lapland - the place where every winter Santa leaves and the land where more reindeer live, than people. Deer here are kept as pets, but can regularly be seen roaming free in the harsh Finnish territory. Farm deer are harvested only during the coldest winter days when you can not find anything to eat in nature.

Lapland is the most northern Finnish province, which occupies an area of 98 937 square meters - This represents 30% of Finland’s area. This area is 93, 057 square meters land and 5, 880 square meters - Water. Lapland is inhabited by about 200 000 people. Native Laplanders are called Saami and number about 7 000 people. Chief administrative center of the city of Rovaniemi is where about 35 427 inhabitants live. All of Lapland is a developed tourist destination. There are countless chalets and villas, as well as opportunities for ski, Snowboarding. The ability to ride a dog sled or a reindeer are the most attractive.

Lapland Rainbow

Lapland is not the most populous Finnish territory, but is the largest. Almost all of it is located behind the Arctic Circle. In winter, in Lapland, there are months where the sun does not appear. It is in these months of the year that the tourist flow into Lapland is greatest, but the Christmas mood - is the most compelling.

The capital of Lapland - Rovaniemi is located on the Arctic Circle, between the hills Korkalovaara and Ounasvaara, in the valley of the river Kemiyoki and its tributary Ounasyoki. It is the administrative, cultural and tourist center of this Finnish land. In Rovaniemi , one should make a compulsory visit to the museum "Arktikum". Here you can learn all about Lapland and the polar regions, see species that are typical of Lapland and hear the songs of indigenous Lapland. Most information about the Saami can be gathered north of Inari village.

Locals claim that Santa Claus lives in the remote mountain Korvatunturi. Literally translated, the name of the mountain is ear. So children in Finland believe that he can hear their wishes. To shorten the distance between the good old man and children, however, it has shifted slightly to the south of the Arctic Circle.


Almost throughout the year, in this village, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere - many people with red cheeks listening to carols and sending letters and Christmas cards to your friends worldwide. The post office here is one of the most overcrowded public buildings. There is also a special division of the letters. Cards and letters placed in the yellow mailbox are sent immediately and ones placed in the red, are collected and sent out for Christmas (with the special postmark of Santa Claus).

With each passing year Lapland is receiving more and more letters from kids all over the world. In 2004 the number was 500, 000, but to reach the mailbox of Santa Claus, it is enough to write "Lapland, Santa", in the recipient field. The post office here does explain that if the letter is not only full of Christmas wishes, but written as if to a friend, Santa Claus replies. Envelopes of children’s letters are sold and the money goes into the UNICEF fund.

Otherwise, Santa Claus is available to everyone throughout the year yet. He has a cave-office. On the walls of the corridor that leads to it, you can see photos of presidents, actors and other celebrities seated on Santa’s lap. On the shelves in his office, he has huge order books, in which mischief and good deeds of all children are recorded. Elves are even faced with the tough task of shooting photos of the visitors in the lap of the good old man.

Deer farms are the second thing that stands as a calling card of Lapland. As semi- domestic animals, they wander through most of the year freely and can even happen to peek through the window while you are reading or having dinner. Deer in Lapland are not dangerous and are very kind animals. Local believe that any horned animal which has crossed the Arctic Circle, has to be named at a special ceremony. Usually, at the ceremony, guests receive horns, drawn with charcoal on their foreheads. There is also reindeer lasso catching.

One of the most spectacular natural sceneries in Lapland is the Northern Lights. This natural light show appears 200 nights a year, but unfortunately can not be observed when it is cloudy.

Residents of Rovaniemi argue that the greatest fans in the Northern Lights Lapland are the Japanese. They even have special software on their mobile phones, which causes them to call and wake them when the glow appears. According to the beliefs of Eskimos, the Northern Lights carry spirits, playing ball with a walrus skull. Vikings believe the spirits of the dead lead to the realm of abundance.

Beyond the Arctic Circle, in Lapland, you will find the unique - Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen. It offers 32 wooden bungalows, 20 snow igloos, and 20glass igloos. This amazing piece of Lapland also boasts the world’s largest smoke sauna and snow restaurant.



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