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Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Thanks to its convenient location, mild climate, affordable prices and friendly people, the American city of Jacksonville is among the most popular places for recreation and business. Green spaces are a priority for the city. They are a key sign of the quality of life in the fast-paced and dynamic city in Florida. In addition, Jacksonville takes good care of its long coastline and waterways. Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida, USA.

One of the most popular places in town is the commercial complex Jacksonville Landing, located on the north shore of the St. Johns River. The place is very suitable for walking and shopping in over 65 different stores. The complex has many amenities, dining and entertainment. One of the biggest attractions is the live music open stage, where during the week local and foreign talents captivate the audience.

Another busy place is the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, owned by the local team - Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville is proud of its cultural center - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The hall can accommodate over 15 thousand people. It was built in 2003. The place is used mostly for large-scale acoustic concerts for the perfect conditions offered. Elton John was the first star that gathered thousands of fans in Jacksonville’s hall, in 2003. The arena is also home to many sporting events.

Jacksonville, FL at night

Among the landmarks of the city is the Florida Theatre. The building is one of four structures built in such a theatrical style in Florida. The theatre, built in 1927, is considered a national treasure.

Jacksonville is home of the impressive Dames Point Bridge, also known as the bridge of Napoleon Bonaparte. The facility is relatively new - it was put into operation in 1989.

Hemming Plaza Park is among the most beautiful parks in the American city. Situated on an area of over 6200 square meters, the square is considered the first and therefore oldest public square in Jacksonville. Around it are the local administration buildings.

This U.S. city cares about their natural beauty. In Jessie Ball DuPont Park is a 250 years old oak.


Jacksonville was named after one of its governors, who later became the seventh U.S. president - Andrew Jackson. It is often referred to as the short Jax.

One of the most visited places in the American city is the monument of Andrew Jackson, located in downtown Jacksonville.

Among the most popular places in the outskirts of Jacksonville, is a zoo. The green park has over 1800 species of rare and exotic animals and over 1000 different types of plants.

Fort Caroline National Memorial е is another popular attraction.

In Jacksonville is one of the highest fountains in the world, located in the Friendship Park and Fountain. The diameter of the water facility is over 60 meters and the water stream, rising in the air over is 35 meters high. In the evening the fountains are exquisitely decorated. The park has picnic facilities and conditions for recreation, as well as a great view of the St. Johns River.

Near the fountain is the magnificent Museum Circle, where you can visit many interesting museums.

Jacksonville's population is about 850 000 people. This makes it the 13th largest city, by population, in the United States. Jacksonville is the regional center of Duval County.

The first settler in Jacksonville’s name was Cow Ford and began to settle in the city in 1791. Then the area was inhabited by the Indian tribe Timikua. Over the years, however, Jacksonville has become an increasingly attractive place to rest or start a business.

Today, over several consecutive years, the U.S. city took its deserved place in the top 10 most promising business locations in the U.S. It draws valuable investment and greater tourism flow. Jax is a modern, dynamic and fast-proof industrial center in the U.S.

Jacksonville is located 25 kilometres from Georgia and 547 km north of Miami.



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