Tampa is one of the most popular cities in Florida. It is situated on the west coast.

Many believe that Tampa is among the World's Top destinations, that can be compared with the rank of cities like Cologne, Osaka and Phoenix. It is in Tampa, that visitors can experience the brilliance of the entire Florida.

Outside the crystal waters and sunny days on the beaches, you can fill your time with interesting sightseeing tours of Tampa. One of the architectural symbols of the city is the building of Tampa Bay Hotel, built back in 1891 in the exotic Moorish-Renaissance style. The building is half a kilometre long, it houses over 500 rooms. Over the years, the eclectic building served as a military fortification, and the base of the Tampa University.

The architecture of the coastal city is a successful blend of many styles. Moorish, art deco and post-modernism have successfully combined details and created an interesting urban landscape.

Tampa Downtown

Examples of post-modernism are found in one of the landmarks of the city – the Museum of Art. It is located on the banks of the Hillsborough River. The rich collection of the museum consists of ancient Greek and Roman antiquities and over 2000 original photographs, sculptures and paintings .

Tampa Theatre is also an amazing place to visit and have fun. There you can enjoy many documentaries. The architecture of the building is designed in Art Deco style.

The central part of the city has concentrated the majestic skyscrapers of Tampa. The coastal city is renowned for its high construction. In Florida, only Miami can compete with the skyline of Tampa. At 176 meters high, stands the tallest building in town – the 100 North Tampa.

North of downtown are the Sulphur Springs sources and the 65 m high water tower, the Sulphur Springs Water Tower, which is considered one of the landmarks of the city.

Tampa Florida

In the center of Tampa is one of the best aquariums in the United States – the Florida Aquarium. Swimming with fish, games with penguins and dolphins are just some of the unique entertainment that the aquarium offers. The complex is open every day from 9.30 am to 17 pm. Tickets cost between 15.25 and 19.75 dollars.

There is a locality situated near the popular Tampa Bay, which uniquely captures Africa. It is a complex, called Busch Gardens. That Natural Park offers great experiences to its visitors. Close access to amazing animals, safari, a speed train, stage shows and many other world-class attractions entertain guests at Busch Gardens.

Once visiting Tampa, one can not help but walk in Channelside. Along the popular street you can indulge in shopping, dining or entertainment.

Among the most visited neighbourhoods in Tampa is Ybor City, where the nightlife never stops. There you will find many bars and dance clubs, live music and restaurants with varied menus.

Today the site is recognized primarily as a place for fun, but over the years, Ybor City has had an important role in the development of Tampa. Having been established in 1886, the suburb was deemed to be the cigarette capital of the world. There are communities settled from Cuba, Spain and Italy.

Close to Tampa is Hillsborough River State Park, where you can relax, fish, kayak, picnic or just take a long camping break.

The population of Tampa is approximately 336 000 people. Tampa was founded in the 20s of the XIX century. The first settlers established themselves in the place where Tampa Convention Center is found today. The building was erected where the military had erected fortifications for Fort Brooke. In modern Tampa, the historic centre is dotted with bars and entertainment venues. From here opens a great view of the city.



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