Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and is known as the "Athens of the South." This is because, back in 1840, the idea was realized for Nashville to develop local education towards classical Greek learning, involving detailed study of philosophy and Latin. Furthermore, the design of most public buildings is subject to the laws of ancient Greek architecture.

For many years the U.S. city has enjoyed this nickname, until the building of the remarkable Grand Ole Opera, which won new glory to Nashville - "Music City" or "kingdom of country music". The music industry was responsible for development and image of the city for decades. Even the railways of Nashville have names like "The city music star" and so on.

Grand Ole Opera is the place that made country music famous worldwide. Tour of the musical arena will allow visitors to peek behind the scenes of the famous scene. Visits are open to tourists from February to October. Grand Ole Opera in Nashville is considered one of the icons of America. Therefore, the year-round country music arena is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors. Often, they even call it the "home of American music."

Another place that kept its country traditions are the clubs with live performers, located on Broadway. Intersecting streets are all along the popular boulevard, dotted with many country clubs and karaoke places. Here are developed the icons Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

The musical spirit of Nashville is not limited in the halls and clubs. Tradition is, in the churches in Nashville during all services, all have to participate in the gospel. Information shows that in the Nashville area has over 6000 churches. It turns out that almost literally on every corner there are beautiful churches where people worship singing.

Nashville Tennessee

The architecture of the American city is also exciting. The first skyscraper built in Nashville is the Life & Casualty Tower. It is over 150 meters, built of granite, and its distinguishing features are the light green windows. After this building was raised, in 1957 Nashville began the expansion of so-called high building. Among the most attractive skyscrapers is the AT & T Building, called by locals the "Batman Building", because of its interesting design. The 188-meter building is considered the highest in the city.

Among the notable buildings of Nashville is also the building where the regional offices are located – the Tennessee State Capitol. The beautiful white building resembles ancient Greek classical style. It is one of the few county governments, which have a dome on top of them.

Another attraction in Nashville is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the Ryman Auditorium, considered by many to be the prototype of the Grand Ole Opera.

In the green areas of the city, you will find two picturesque lakes - Old Hickory Lake and the Percy Priest Lake, where you can ride a water ski, Boats or simply enjoy the natural attractions of the melodic American city. Other places to relax are Shelby Park and Radnor Lake State Natural Area.

In Centennial Park is one of the emblems of the city - the Parthenon. The architectural masterpiece is a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, built in 438 BC. This was built in Nashville in 1897, on the occasion of the local architectural statement. Today it is the Museum of Art. The Parthenon is open to visitors every day except Monday, and the access fee is between 4 and 6 dollars.

More about the history of Nashville, Tennessee and the United States, you can learn at the local Tennessee State Museum.

Nashville was founded in 1779. The city was named after the hero of the American War of Independence- Francis Nash. The town was established around the Cumberland River.




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