Rennes, France

For almost half a millennium, Rennes is the famous capital of the Brittany region in France. The picturesque town has remained part of the cultural historical heritage over the centuries, much of it was lost in 1720, after a devastating fire caused by a drunken carpenter (so legends tell).

After the disaster, the city was built anew, by Parisian architects. Only place Des Lices, located on the River Vilaine, has preserved its magnificent buildings, dating back nearly five centuries. Therefore Rennes skilfully combines neoclassical architectural styles with a medieval design and exterior.

Rennes is located northwest of France. The most popular attraction in Rennes is the Parliament of Brittany. Brittany is one of the 26 areas in Provence. The majestic building was builtover nearly a century - from 1618 to 1709. The building now used as headquarters of the Court of Appeal in Rennes . The interior of the Parliament is amazing - amazing frescoes, antique furniture and white space, which amazes visitors. Unfortunately, most of the paintings and historical artefacts from the 17th century are lost forever during the devastating fire of 1720. A second fire, in 1994, also takes a lot of cultural relics preserved in historical sites here.

City of Rennes

In the beautiful centre of Rennes is the Basilica of Saint-Sauveur - a place frequented by tourists. Another religious centre is the church of Notre Dame, dating from the 11th century. Today, only the tower and part of the hull of the church have kept their original appearance, other elements are built anew after the disaster of 1720. The Gothic church Saint-Germain also deserves attention. It was built in the 15th and 16th centuries.

St Georges palace is another historic landmark of Rennes. The elegant palace is one of the oldest buildings in Rennes city. It was built in 1032 and served as a Benedictine abbey. Today in Rennes, the building houses administrative offices.

On the Square Place des Lices are many attractions in Rennes. Among them is the third largest market in France - Les Halles Martenot, The Mordelaises Gate - a facility serving as the main entrance to the city during the Middle Ages, the tower of Jehan Duchesne, built in the 15th century. It is believed that Place des Lices, during the Middle Ages has led much of the fighting knights. Today, there are residences, hotels, great restaurants and many shops.

The Square Place de la Mairie also focuses some of the emblems of the city - the building of City Hall and the Opera House.

The "Face" of the city was formed from the Republic Square, where stands the charming Trade Palace. The place is located near the river Villaine. The castle was built from 1885 to 1929. Today there is a post and telegraph services of Rennes operating there.

Museums, which must be visited are the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Brittany, where there is planetarium and space science centre and the Museum of Agriculture.




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