Charminar Hyderabad

Hyderabad is among India's urban treasures. Aged over about four centuries, Hyderabad is today an attractive center for thousands of tourists. The Indian town amazes with uniform coexistence between antiquity and modernity, astonishes with its many educational centers and developed economy and infrastructure.

Visitors to the picturesque Indian city can enjoy a wealth of monuments, religious temples, elegant buildings, specific arts areas and traditional dances.

Hyderabad has a unique spirit and culture that naturally reflects in the architecture and sights of the city.

Mosque in Hyderabad

Among them is the Charminar. We can safely say that the spectacular building is the face of the city. Charminar was built in the Islamic style. The building was built in 1591 and consists of four majestic towers. The Sultan built the fancy building to celebrate the end of the plague, which shocked many of the townspeople. Today, Charminar fits in a way unparalleled with the modern buildings and traffic in Hyderabad .

Golconda Fort is another landmark of the exotic Indian city. The massive fortress has preserved the history of the settlement. Built in the XIII century, the granite fort has stood for a long time and was known as a place for trade in diamonds. It is believed that it was from the area around Golconda the popular Kohinoor diamond comes from.

The next landmark of Hyderabad is the largest mosque in the city - Makkah Masjid. It is situated near Charminar. Its capacity is ten thousand. The building amazes not only with its scale but also with its original architecture implementation.

Quli Qutb Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad

Once at Hyderabad, one can not help but visit the Tomb of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, built in memory of deceased rulers like Golconda. Magnificent monuments have stood the test of time and vagaries of nature. The landmark is located near the Golconda fort.

Falaknuma Palace is another magnificent place that imparts a unique charm and grandeur to the Indian city. The monument is situated on a hill, 2000 meters high, 5 km from Charminar. The castle was designed by an Italian architect. The idea was to recreate the form of a scorpion with two cores located north as wings. Palace Faluknama has a surprising mix of Italian and Tudor-style architecture. The windows of the palace are light with bright colors in many rooms.

The list of memorable castles and palaces ranks Chowmahalla Palace. In the building were held commemorative ceremonies to intervene in power. The place is unique with its style and elegance. The castle has a huge park, which has many parks and gardens.

Cyber Tower in Hyderabad

At the heart of Hyderabad guests will find many more modern government buildings and various sites, mostly located south of Lake Hussain Sagar. In the lake rises a breath-taking 18 meter high monolithic statue of Buddha. The monument is carved from white stone and granite, weighs 450 tonnes, was cut by 200 sculptors over two years.

Part of the commercial and residential area of Hyderabad is located in the so-called Punjagutta. Around it rapidly develops the construction of new office buildings and shopping centers.

Local government is housed in another masterpiece of architecture. That is the Andhra Pradesh Legislature.

The Indian city is known by the nickname City of Pearls. This is because the city has long markets, specifically for trade in pearls. Among them is Laad Bazaar and the Charminar market.

In the Indian city are the most expensive residential properties in Andhra Pradesh. And to add more color to the overall vision - the town is home to the Telugu film company, second largest in India, known as Tollywood.

Hyderabad is the fifth largest metropolis in India and the state capital of Andhra Pradesh. The population is 5.7 million inhabitants.



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