Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln is a town on the territory of Nebraska and is the capital of the state. The city of Lincoln is home of the famous University of Nebraska. Lincoln City houses around 258 000 people.

Lincoln was founded in 1856, as a village named Lancaster and became the center of the newly created Lancaster County. At that time, the capital of Nebraska is Omaha. Having been given accession to Kansas, it was voted to move the capital south of the Platte River and as much as possible to the west. So the Lancaster village was chosen.

After the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln Lancaster was renamed in his honour and has become known as Lincoln.

Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln

Many people south of the river, had Confederate sympathies and there was an attempt to prevent the new name of the city. However, Lincoln was instated and became known as the capital of Nebraska after the accession of the State of the Union, in March 1867.

Lincoln is one of the largest cities of Nebraska not located along the Missouri River. Lincoln is growing very weak outside and has no prominent suburbs. The largest city, which can be considered a suburb of Lincoln is Waverly.

The territory of Lincoln has a booming medical industry, education and insurance industry, many banks and power companies for information technology. Among the biggest transport companies are here. Many companies known throughout the country are based in the city of Lincoln.

The city has many places of cultural life and plenty of entertainment. Here is the Bourbon Theatre and Pla-Mor Ballroom, which is the largest music scene in the city.

The largest cinema in the city is Marcus Theatres, which has thirty-two screens.



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