Medellin, Colombia

The second largest city in Colombia, Medellin is an attractive center for thousands of tourists annually. Many believe that the biggest attractions of the South American city are the charming mountains and beautiful women. Locals believe that food, time, and mostly people are the most precious wealth of Medellin.

In the Colombian city, visitors can truly enjoy the many parks dotted with exquisite orchids, tropical birds and many natural and architectural attractions.

Among the places they must visit is the local Planetario de Medellín "Jesús Emilio Ramírez". The building was built in 1984. Over a million visitors have already viewed the Planetarium. Its huge dome seats 300 people. The planetarium is located near the metro station of the local university and works from Tuesday to Sunday.

Near it is a huge amusement park (Parque Norte). On its territory there is a lake, plenty of attractions for young and old, deployed in an area of 2000 square meters. The park has an unusual attraction - a real Boeing 727.

Parque Explora is another place for fun and relaxation in Medellín. The Green Zone is the scientific center of the Columbian City. The park has tanks, seats for 3D screenings, children's centers, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

As already mentioned, the South American city cares for its green spaces. Among the most notable projects of the city is Parque de Los Deseos / Park of Wishes, Plaza Cisneros, La Raza Monument by Rodrigo Arenas, the Biblioteca España, Metropolitan Theatre and El Castillo Museum.

In Medellin are many beautiful churches, including Candelaria Church, built back in 1649. The basilica is built in neoclassical style. Of interest for tourists are the religious temples Basilica Metropolitan and San Jose Church.


A beautiful architectural jewel is the building of Palacio Nacional. The majestic building combines the styles of romanticism and modernism. Designed as a home of culture, built in 1925, the building today is one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Colombia. On its territory are over 400 shops, many restaurants, galleries and museums.

Medellin is nestled in the beautiful valley Aburra. Medellin River bisects the town from north to east.

The city captivates with its colorful nightlife, whose code word is "Rumba". Entertainment does not wait for the weekend and begins as early as Thursday. Hot experiences are part of the traces left by the Colombian city in the hearts of its guests.

Medellin, until recently, had a negative image, created by the incessant news media in the world, representing the Colombian city as a center of one of the most influential organizations in drug trafficking in the world. Today, locals try to clear their bad reputation, creating an atmosphere of tolerance and hospitality for visitors.

Although the city is among the most prosperous in economic terms, Medellin’s charm lies in the small streets, delicious food, hospitable hosts and numerous bars.

The South American city is ranked 91 in the ranking of the largest conurbations in the world. The population of Medellin and its adjacent metropolitan areas is over 3, 5 million people.

The city is located in northwestern Colombia, at an altitude of 1538 meters in the Andes. Only half an hour from noisy Medellin is a heavenly place called Guatape lake.

Near Medellin is another beautiful mountain town, named Bello.



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