Kocatepe Mosque

Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara

Kocatepe Mosque is one of the most spectacular religious shrines in the Turkish capital. It is the largest mosque, raising over multimillion Ankara. The imposing building can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Today's appearance of the Muslim shrine, however, underwent several changes before its actual construction.

The largest religious building in Ankara was built over 20 years. The idea to build Kocatepe existed since the 40s of last century. In 1944 was even established a special organization whose goal was to build a new modern building in the Turkish capital. Since then, actually began the careful selection of projects for future construction of a religious temple.

Kocatepe Mosque

This leads to the year 1956, when then Prime Minister Adnan Menderes determined where to erect the mosque. A year later from 36 projects is selected only one. The ideas of Veda Dalokay and Nejat Tekelioglu are the most promising for the Turkish authorities. What they earned, is a modern and innovative design of a religious temple. Then began the initial construction activities. Shortly after the pouring of foundations, the large-scale project is stopped. The reason - the sharp criticism by conservative government officials who disagreed with the modernist style of the future emblem of the Turkish capital. This does not stop architects from materializing their ingenious ideas. They modified the project and managed to build a memorial religious temple in the Pakistani city of Islamabad. Delokay built Shah Faisal Masjid - one of the largest mosques in the world, which in its heart gathers 100 000 pilgrims.

For a decade, competition to build Kocatepe continues. This leads to 1967, when they decided to run with a more conservative and determined by many more "nostalgic" design of the Turkish Church. Artists of the project are Hyursev Taylan and Fatih Uluenjin. Twenty years later - in 1987, in the capital was officially opened the breathtaking Kocatepe mosque. The building was built in neo-classical Ottoman architecture style.

The length of the building is 67 meters. The mosque is 64 meters wide. Four tall minarets rise in the four corners of the temple.

The enormity of the mosque from the outside and inside fascinates visitors. The interior of the building is exquisitely decorated. There dead silence reigns, welcoming pilgrims and visitors to deep prayer or reflection.

Sleek, beautiful, magnificent - these are just some of the epithets with which millions of tourists use to describe the face of the mosque.

To the right of the temple is a small book market, where you can buy Muslim religious books. There is no entry fee, but it suggests that visitors should leave a donation for the temple. Before entering, women must cover their heads. It would also be very practical if tourists carry a bag in which to put their shoes when entering.



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