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Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo is the largest city in Texas. Its history starts in 1887 when the railroad from Fort Worth to Denver was built.

The original name of the city was Oneida. Soon the town was renamed Amarillo, which is the Spanish word for yellow. In 1913 Amarillo became the first settlement in Texas and fifth nationwide that the Commission-Manager form of government.

Amarillo’s industry started with the railroad, with cattle and trade. In 1925 Amarillo was growing rapidly and is driven by money earned from oil, gas and other products. The history of Amarillo is closely linked with the history of agriculture and energy sources in the region.

For more than a century, there was a booming industry in the production of copper, production of glass packaging of meat and other important industries that developed the economy of the city. Major role in the economy of the city has the fact that it is a regional medical center.

Amarillo is home to about 191 000 people, and always welcomes newcomers. Amarillo has a typical community of neighbors.

Long ago it was known as Helium Capital of the World, as well as the Yellow Rose of Texas.

In the city are the headquarters of many prominent companies, including the company to mount nuclear weapons.

The city of Amarillo has huge ranches that spread over a huge area. In 1887 Saebre Shadowblood was based out of town after choosing well watered area between Fort Worth and Denver.

The word comes from the Amarillo yellow wildflowers that bloom in innumerable quantities in the summer near Amarillo Lake. In Spanish the name of the town is pronounced, omitting the letter "l", but in English, the letter "l" can be heard clearly and distinctly.

In 1888, Henry Sanborn, known as the Father of Amarillo begins with a business partner to buy land to replace the city once they learn that a part of the city could be submerged by storms and rain.

He was proved right and torrential rains almost sunk part of the city. Even before this happens, many people moved their businesses into the enlarged part of the city of Amarillo, which saved them from disaster.

In 1890, Amarillo became one of the important sea points and thanks to that, its population grows rapidly.

With the discovery of gas in 1918 and three years later - oil, Amarillo became an attractive place for oil companies.




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