Kempten is located in Germany, in the Allgäu, a resort region in southwestern Bavaria. The population is about 62 000 people. Kempten City covers an area of 63.29 square kilometers.

It is believed that initially in this area lived Celts, who called his city Kambodunon, then Romans lived there. They named the town Cambodunum, after they defeated the city. This happened during the fifteenth century BC.

Roman soldiers were led by Nero Claudius Drusus and his brother Tiberius. The city was transformed, in the classical canons of Roman baths, temples and a forum. Originally the city's buildings were of wood, but they were replaced by massive stone buildings. This was necessary after a big fire in '69 BC that destroyed many wooden buildings.

Kempten Palace

Kempten is recognized by archaeologists as one of the first urban settlements in Germany. The Roman era is recovered in the archaeological park Kambodunum. The development of downtown has imposed on it by the venerable imprint status of free imperial city.

The city is the provincial capital of Raetia. Over 233 the new era the town was attacked and captured by the tribe Alemanno. Kambodunum was abandoned and the city was moved on the hill Burghalde. From the river, Iller is seen

In 488, Roman soldiers left the area and it was completely conquered by the tribe Alemanno. Then the city was called Cambidano. In 683 the city was destroyed by the Franks. Around 747 this was the base of the first cell of the Irish missionary monks Magnus and Theodore.

Kempten Old Mill

They were sent by the Abbey of Saint Gall in Switzerland in order to evangelize the area. Gradually, the abbey Kempten was built. This was the first abbey in the Allgäu region. Through the influence of the Alamannic Princess Hildegard, the monastery became one of the most privileged on the territory of the empire of the Franks.

In 1213 Roman Emperor Frederick II gave the abbot the right to wear the title of Duke. During the wars of Napoleon it came under the control of Bavaria.

In 1812 the town merged with another imperial city created by King Rudolf of Habsburg in 1289. In 1819 the city joined Kempten and they form a larger city.

During the Second World War the city was a division of Dachau concentration camp.

Kempten is known for its high schools. Among the landmarks are St. Lorenz Basilica, the church of St. Mang and Burhalde castle. The Square of Saint Manga captivates the eye with its magnificent fountain. In the historical part of town is located the Ducal Kempten Abbey.




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