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Monaco is synonymous with luxury, beauty, entertainment and beautiful emotions. And it manages to fit in an area of 1.95 square miles, because Monaco is the second smallest country in Europe, immediately after the Vatican. Monaco is a principality, a constitutional monarchy and a city-state in Western Europe. This is a veritable paradise on the French Riviera between the Mediterranean and France. Monaco is one of five European micro- countries and the second smallest country in the world. The average density is 16 754 inhabitants per square km.

Because of its small area, Monaco is the most populous country on Earth with a population of about 32 000 people. They live in the beautiful Cote d'Azur of the Mediterranean, situated 18 km east of Nice, about 100 km from Saint Tropez. On three sides Monaco is surrounded by France, whose border is estimated at 4.5 km, with Italy and the Mediterranean coastline as the principality has 5.2 km of coastline.


The highest point of Monaco reaches 163 meters and is located on the southern slope of Mount Angel, which is 1109 meters high and located in France. Monaco is divided into four parts: Monaco Capital, which is the old town, situated on a rocky nose, spreading into the Mediterranean, La Condamine, the area around the port and Monte Carlo - the main residential and tourist area, and Fontviele, which is a recently built-up area by the sea.

Basic earnings come from the country's tourism. Each year in Monaco arrive around 700 000 foreign tourists. Therefore, the port is a major transportation hub not only for the city-state, but in this part of the French Riviera. Monte Carlo is one of the most popular resorts in Europe and glamor, luxury and gambling, as well as organizing rally championships and Formula 1.

Monaco Harbour

The casino in Monaco is a tradition and perhaps the biggest attraction in the country. It was built in 1861 and was the first casino in Europe. The building was designed by architect Charles Garnier, who is also founder of the Paris Grand Opera. Today the casino in Monaco shares a building with Opera.

Inside you can see rooms depicting different eras, such as. Salon Renaissance, European salon, White hall, the American game, Hall of grace, closed to mortals, Ace Halls and the large salon "Francois Madson" and Queen among them – the room "Gari".

Among other attractions of Monaco is the Royal Palace, which is not only a historical monument, but an administrative building in which live the prince and his family. Royal Palace in Monaco stands on the edge of a 60-meter cliff and part of it is open to the public.

In the halls of the castle can be seen old collections from the time of Napoleon and his personal belongings and you can learn a lot about the history of Monaco. On the observational grounds of the palace is a breathtaking view over the Cote d'Azur. In front of the palace have been preserved antique hand tools since King Louis XIV.

Very close to the Royal Palace can be visited Cathedral "St. Nicholas", in which lie the remains of many members of the Grimaldi family, including those of Grace Kelly. The cathedral is from the 19th century and today it is the most important ceremonial temple of Monaco.

Monaco Aerial View

Among other required places to visit in Monaco is the Oceanographic Museum, located inshore the reef of Monte Carlo. It is unique, and to the people here is known as the Aquarium because of the underground tank with a capacity exceeding 400 cubic meters, in which swim more than 4 000 species of fish and over 200 families of other marine representatives.

More intriguing places in Monaco are the Museum of Wax Figures, Museum of old cars, which keeps an impressive collection of 100 vehicles of Prince Rainier III, and the exotic garden by the Oceanographic Museum. Do not miss a walk in the Old City and its sprawling 7 000 square meter Japanese garden.



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