Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing in India

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Hazratbal ShrineHazratbal Shrine
05 Jan.
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Fatehpur SikriFatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri is an ancient architectural complex, which testifies to the culture of the Indian civilization in the 16 century. Fatehpur Sikri is a unique example of architectural ensembles of the highest quality constr...
The mosque of Charminar is the biggest landmark in Hyderabad - the fifth largest city in India. It is a religious temple, also known as "the mosque with four minarets”. Charminar is the most popular mosque and monumen...
Makkah MasjidMakkah Masjid
The mosque Makkah Masjid, is a top tourist destination in the Indian city of Hyderabad, capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This religious shrine, is the largest in the city. It is located in the old Hyderabad, only ...
Qutb Shahi TombsQutb Shahi Tombs
The tombs of legendary rulers like Qutb Shahi, are in the northern part of another memorable landmark in the Indian city of Hyderabad near Golconda fort. Planned and built by the kings of the dynasty, Qutb Shahi thems...
Vidhana SoudhaVidhana Soudha
Behind the complex with the name, Vidhana Soudha, lies a majestic building which stands in a central location in the Indian city of Bangalore. In an impressive architectural edifice of Vidhana Soudha is the official seat...
Bagan in MyanmarBagan in Myanmar
Bagan is an area which gathered itself hundreds of Buddhist temples. Numerous palace buildings, stupas and [ruins] of Asian religion there turn the place into the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. Situate...