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Tower BridgeTower Bridge
19 Nov.
Neist PointNeist Point
09 Sept.
Forth Rail BridgeForth Rail Bridge
09 Sept.
Eden ProjectEden Project
Eden Project is one of the most amazing and unique things in nature, created by human hands. Eden Project is ranked third among the best sights of the UK and is considered one of the wonders of the world. Eden Project...
Irongbridge GorgeIrongbridge Gorge
The gorge Ironbridge impresses with its beautiful scenery, but also has important historical significance for England. Here was born the Industrial Revolution, and in recognition of the important role of Iron Bridge it i...
Royal crescent in BathRoyal crescent in Bath
Royal Crescent is a magnificent building in the form of a C, which can be seen in the English city of Bath. Considered a masterpiece in architectural monuments in Britain, the Royal Crescent is an excellent and large exa...
Bodleian Library - Radcliffe ChamberBodleian Library - Radcliffe Chamber1
Bodleian library Oxford, better known as the Radcliffe Chamber is part of Bodleian library at Oxford University and also its biggest and most important research unit in terms of archival literature. Itself The Bodleian l...
Chartwell ManorChartwell Manor
Perhaps the most significant figure in English history - Sir Winston Churchill spent the last 40 years of his life in Chartwell Manor. Not at all surprising that a complex and multi-faceted personality of Churchill choos...
Roman Baths in BathRoman Baths in Bath
Roman baths were once one of the most important public buildings in ancient [Rome], and today one of the best examples of ancient buildings to have managed to keep within the English town Bath, Located in the county of S...
Ring of BrodgarRing of Brodgar
Ring of Brodgari is one of the most precious ancient monuments, you might see today in Scotland. In essence, Ring of Brodgari is a megalith facility similar to dolmens and menhir, for religious use. Represents a number o...
London BidgeLondon Bidge
Iconic for London, [Thames River] has been marked by numerous bridges that connect the two parts of the city. The most famous among them is the [Tower Bridge], built in the 19th century, houses the London Tower, also kno...
London EyeLondon Eye
The London Eye is probably the "youngest" of the wonders of the world. Aged little more than 10 years, the London Eye has evolved into a symbol of the largest urban area in Europe - the British capital, London. Londo...
The Seven SistersThe Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters is the name of the unique snow-white limestone formations along the south coast of England. In short, the Seven Sisters is a natural rock phenomenon representing seemed cut cliffs on the beach. The place is...
Stonehenge is arguably the most popular monument across Europe and such it is one of the most visited tourist attractions on the continent. This magnificent megalithic composition is impressive not only in appearance but...