London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is probably the "youngest" of the wonders of the world. Aged little more than 10 years, the London Eye has evolved into a symbol of the largest urban area in Europe - the British capital, London.

London Eye’s official name is the London Eye Merlin Entertainments, and is a Ferris wheel, built in the 1999th year to mark the start of the new millennium. Therefore, it is called the Millennium Wheel (Millennium Eye).

London Eye

In a short time the new facility won the hearts of people. The London Eye was erected on the south bank of the Thames River at the western end of Jubilee Gardens and is considered the fourth highest in the capital structure and the highest such structure in the entertainment industry, across Europe around the time of its construction. Later it was shifted by the Star of Nanchang, reaching 160 meters and opened in May 2006, and later by the Singapore Flyer (165 m) high, 11 February 2008. Built by British Airways. now London Eye Entertainment’s Merlin belongs to the owners of the famous Madame Tussauds.

With a spectacular celebration London Eye was officially opened on December 31, 1999 by Prime Minister Tony Blair. By July 2002 it was visited by over 8.5 million people, and in June 2008 the number of people reached 30 million. Although the original plan was the London Eye only works for 5 years, later the municipality of Lambeth, in whose territory the attraction stands, decided to turn the wheel into a permanent attraction. From January 1 2005 it is becoming a tradition for Londoners to welcome the new year here, accompanied by a 10-minute fireworks display that shoots from the wheel.

The famous ferris wheel  London Eye

Every year about three million visitors ride on the London Eye , perhaps because they know that this is one of the best ways to explore the city in a comprehensive bird's eye view. Tickets for the Millennium attraction are between 8 and 9:30, depending on the month for adults it is double and family ticket for four is 49.28 pounds. Coupons can be purchased in advance online.

Access to the London Eye is convenient because there are stations nearby. These are Westminster, Embankment, Charing Cross. The attraction also offers attractive opportunities for extra money - you can order champagne, or even to organize a wedding ceremony on the wheel.

The grand design of the London Eye reaches 135 meters and is the result of the work of seven English architects. The huge wonder has 32 air-conditioned capsules, in ovoid shape that symbolizes the 32 municipalities of London. Each capsule of the London Eye weighs 10 tons and accommodates up to 25 people.

Riders of attraction can easily walk there, but are provided seating. The wheel of the millennium Eye rotates at a speed of 26 m / s or 0.9 km / h, which means that one complete rotation takes 30 minutes. Since 2009 visitors to the London Eye offers a unique experience of 4D.



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