Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the undisputed symbol of monarchical power in the United Kingdom. This is the first home of the British royal family and to this day is the official London residence of the British kings. Called a working castle, Buckingham Palace is used primarily for the reception of heads of state for official receptions and other important occasions, coupled with the Queen of England and her family.

Buckingham Palace is distinguished by its imposing architecture in the most relevant part of London - Westminster, where some of the biggest attractions of the British capital are homed, the parliament building, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Buckingham Palace was built about 300 years ago. At the outset it was known as Buckingham House. The basis for Buckingham Palace was an older urban building and was the building, built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. Buckingham is the place where senior guests go on official visits to Britain. There is hardly enough words to describe the rich and generous interior of Buckingham Palace. All other works of art masterpieces that can be seen throughout the halls and rooms of Buckingham are from the private collection of the British royal family.


There are 9000 pictures included in this collection. Among them are various miniatures, watercolors, graphics, etc. Besides masterpieces of art, including those of Rubens, Rembrandt, Poussin, Canaletto and Vermeer are included in Buckingham Palace which is also home to various authentic furniture, rare porcelain, beautiful sculptures, stained glass and thousands more. There is certainly no shortage of silver and jewels, gold and various others jewels.

Typically Queen Elizabeth ll is absent from Buckingham Palace in early spring, August, September and Christmas. At that time, the incredible castle is open for tourist visits and everyone can see a part of the 600 rooms, formal suites, throne room and picture gallery.

The entire first floor extends over 77, 000 sq m and the center is devoted to the music room. The ballroom of Buckingham Palace was built between the years of 1853-1855 on the orders of Queen Victoria. For those times, this room had no equal in size.

Palace of Buckingham

It is 41 meters long, 20 meters wide and its height is 15 meters. Today the ballroom is the largest room in Buckingham Palace .

At the rear of Buckingham Palace is located the incredibly beautiful park. The garden of the palace with its beautiful yellow spring daffodils is spread over 16 acres. Along with the part in which is situated the lake, the park of Buckingham Palace became the largest private garden in London.

It was recently opened to the public so tourists can also visit Buckingham Palace at night.

These night walks for tourists last about two hours and during the tours visitors have the opportunity to try the Queen's favorite champagne. This intimate night tour of Buckingham Palace, which does not include a view of the bedrooms and bathrooms of the royal family costs 65 Great British Pounds.



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