The Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters Formations

Seven Sisters is the name of the unique snow-white limestone formations along the south coast of England. In short, the Seven Sisters is a natural rock phenomenon representing seemed cut cliffs on the beach. The place is so unique that a person seems to see a huge snow-white curtain that flows over the sands. Justly one of the natural wonders of the world, the Seven Sisters is located in the county of East Sussex on the coast of the English Channel.

Seven Sisters is part of the eponymous state park Seven Sisters, which in turn enters within the South Downs National Park. From 1 April 2011 management of the park of the Seven Sisters, which spreads over 280 hectares of chalk cliffs, would be handled by the Municipal Council of East Sussex. As a result of the change, there will no longer be working camp sites in the area of natural wonder.

Seven Sisters and the whole area is a place with preserved natural landscape since prehistoric times. With sloping hills and remains of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. In many places roads have been preserved from Roman times. The sculpted forms of the Seven Sisters can be reached by road A259, which leads between the towns of Eastbourne and Seaford. It is good to come without a car to this beautiful place, but if you come by car, note that you must leave it in the parking lot. The fee for that is 2.50 pounds for 2 hours and 3.50 pounds for over 2 hours.

Seven Sisters rock formations in England

The complex of the Seven Sisters is composed of eroded under the influence of natural forces limestone cliffs. Odd shapes that are formed on the tops and recesses have different names, the names of the peaks are: Flat Hill, Baily's Hill, Flagstaff Point, Brass Point, Rough Brow, Short Brow and Haven Brow, Went Hill Brow, and others.

The area of the Seven Sisters is a popular place for a whole line of outdoor activities. Here one can walk to a picnic, swim, ride a canoe or tour around the old sites.

During the Romanesque period, most of the forests in the region Downs are populated by shape cities like Friston, Exceat, East Dean, West Dean, mainly in the interior of the valley. The Seven Sisters are one of the best places where you can find fossils of many sea creatures such as sea urchins, which still inhabit the waters. Seven Sisters was also a set of famous film productions, such as a lot of series of Robin Hood.



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