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Hunedoara Castle

Hunedoara Castle

Many believe that the castle Hunedoara is one of the most beautiful and impressive palace complexes in the world. It is located in the Romanian town of the same name and until 1918 was a part of the Austro - Hungarian Empire. After that date, Hunedoara castle is returned to its owners the Romanians.

Hunedoara castle is situated on the river Zlasti in western central Romania, some 300 km from Bucharest. Surrounded by the Black Valley and east of Mount Poiana Russian, Hunedoara castle is part of the legendary Romanian Transylvania region, popularized worldwide by the name of Count Dracula.

Hunedoara Castle

The history of Hunedoara castle begins with its construction in 1320 by the family Anjou. In 1458, Matthias Corvin became King of the Hungarian kingdom.

Three years before that date in 1455 in Constantinople, which is a gateway to Christianity, Europe falls under the blows of the Turks.

Vlad the Impaler, or Count Dracula then leads successful battles against the Turkish army on the Danube. In a powerful attack on the Transylvanian territories of the Muslim army and possessions, Impaler was forced to look for shelter in the mountains. When he returned in 1462 to organize a new attack on the Turks, he was captured and imprisoned in the castle Hunedoara by Matthias Corvinus.

After seven years the court officially declared him Vlad the Impaler. He married the sister of the cousin of Matthias, and in addition receives an army. During the seven years, while lying in the dungeons of Hunedoara , Vlad the Impaler did not stop with his favorite habits. Dracula is known to have sat in his cell and constantly decapitated mice and stuck their heads on small stakes, and by the way he loved to do so with people.

The stories say that the Impaler feverishly defended only bats and has even spoken with them when they came to him in his cell in Hunedoara. The legend goes on to argue that the ushers were frequently aghast at the requests of Dracula to have more blood for dinner.

Today the castle Hunedoara is deservedly called the Palace of Count Dracula than Bran Castle, which connects the mystical image of Vlad the Impaler. The beautiful Gothic building of Hunedoara was declared the most beautiful palatial building in Romania . Today it houses some amazing museums and galleries.



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