Chartwell Manor

Chartwell Manor near Westerham, Kent

Perhaps the most significant figure in English history - Sir Winston Churchill spent the last 40 years of his life in Chartwell Manor. Not at all surprising that a complex and multi-faceted personality of Churchill chooses this unassuming, overgrown with weeds in the house in 1922 while looking for themselves and their family for a comfortable country house. As soon as it sees the property Chartwell, located close to Westerham, Kent, Churchill fell in love with it.

The most important politician in British history, he loved to repeat that every day spent not in Chartwell Is a lost day. Chartwell instantly became the shelter of Churchill, where he spent precious moments of his life until his death in 1965. Today, mansion Chartwell in Kent has turned into an intriguing museum, where you can see the rooms as if Churchill himself still lives.

In his office you can see open daily from before the middle of last century, a policy of favorite cigars are everywhere. Visitors have the opportunity to experience unique collections of objects of Churchill, in Chartwell, As his famous hats and suits, and other uniforms. Once immersed in the authentic look of the interior of Chartwell, Be sure to stroll through the lovely gardens with beautiful Lakes.

The park around Chartwell consists of a water garden, the Rose Garden of Clementine (wife) and wonderful walks amongst the rose bushes. In the garden is located the studio of the great Englishman, where today one can see dozens of his works. Also here is the garden wall, which Churchill built with his own hands.

When Churchill bought Chartwell house the yard around her seemed more tragic. At that time, his wife Clementine does not agree to live in this place in Kent - believes that the purchase of the property is a real waste. Clementine would never be at peace with her husband's decision to purchase Chartwell despite her disagreement, even though her life goes from there onwards beyond and around the red brickwork of the mansion.

In Chartwell Churchill and Clementine often organize parties and receptions, which invited many guests. After the customary and obligatory tour of the house and garden, the statesman is usually attributed to rest and privacy, then dinner with their guests. Of abandoned and overgrown with weeds mansion, Churchill made Chartwell the home of your dreams.

For this purpose, helps the architect Philip Tilden, who worked on the house two years - between 1922 and 1924. The very statesman-handedly built a wall of red bricks with which to fence a vegetable garden. In Chartwell appears a cathedral, swimming pool, a system of dams, where the owner bred fish and others.

Mansion Chartwell is located at relatively high altitude of the region, causing it to have a splendid view of the beautiful natural area of Kent. These landscapes were one of the favorite things that bring peace and joy of Churchill. Unfortunately, a huge storm on October 16, 1987 caused enormous damage to the wooded area and it already looks quite different than before the disaster.



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