Carbisdale Castle

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Carbisdale Castle

Carbisdale castle is extremely intriguing and is located in Scotland. Today it has become a youth hostel and many stories of spirits and ghosts that roam at night in the corridors of the ominous Carbisdale have made it a potential natural background of some horror movies.

Carbisdale has been tested by experts in paranormal phenomena. Among the many spirits that are established in the palace are a lady in white, soldiers and sometimes a bagpiper who plays some tunes can be heard.

One of the most evil ghosts who walk in Carbisdale castle is that of a former gardener of the castle. He wanders dressed entirely in black with a black hood covering half his face and chases young 15-year-old girls. It is said that once the gardener had lost his daughter and his spirit will not rest until he finds her.

Carbisdale castle is dominated by the hills that have the same name, above the river mouth of Kyle of Sutherland in one of the northwestern regions of the Scottish Highlands and their islands.

Near the Carbisdale castle are the Culrain and Invershin cities. Both outside and the interior of the castle are attractive. Today, this century-old palace is a favorite place for family holidays, weddings and other conferences.

Carbisdale castle was built between 1906 and 1917 for the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland. From that moment on, the castle welcomed a number of influential personages, and for some time served as a royal refuge. Carbisdale castle was home to a king, prince and a princess at the beginning of the last 20th century. In 1945 the castle was bequeathed to the Scottish Youth Hostel Organization (SYHA).

An interesting fact is that the clock tower of the Carbisdale castle has dials for just three countries - one that faces Sutherland has no clock. The reason for this lies in the major disputes and quarrels between the Duchess of Sutherland, known as Duchess Blair and the Sutherland family.

Among the curious facts about the Carbisdale castle one is that the mansion has exactly 365 windows, one for each day of the year. There was a secret door under the large staircase, which could be opened by turning a large and beautiful white statue, which was known as Carbisdale. The mechanism is not used anymore. The statues can be seen in the lower gallery of the castle. They represent 19 exquisite Italian marble figures, dating from 1857.

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