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Ephesus is one of the greatest treasures of ancient Greece. In the past, it was one of the most important ancient Greek cities in Asia Minor. Today, Ephesus is located in the territory of Turkey, close to the coast to the Aegean Sea, situated about 70 km south of Izmir. From here the town of Selcuk is nearby.

The easiest way to reach Ephesus is by land, air or boat to the beach resort of Kusadasi. From this seaside town you can get regular bus transport to the historic complex. If you decide to visit there it is best to go in early May because Ephesus then has a Festival.

You will hardly suffice a day to explore the entire archaeological site. It was once a mighty port in those centuries reaching marine waters, but now because of climate change already it is a few kilometers from the Aegean Sea. Ephesus known in 2000 BC was then known as Apasa. This village was an important center of Mycenaean culture and Hattie. Around the 10th century BC the Ionian Greeks began to settle.

After the first century BC, Ephesus became an important port of the Aegean, which numbered 300, 000 people. With the coming to power of Augustus Caesar, Ephesus is now the capital of the Asian part of the Roman Empire. During the days of decline, Ephesus came after it ceases to function as a port and was then left without any inhabitants.


Maybe this is why today the remains of the former Roman capital are so well preserved. Many battles and wars that have originated in these areas remained untouched by Ephesus, because nobody was interested in a deserted and neglected area.

The tour in Ephesus should take you to the big stadium, which you enter through a large arch. Its dimensions are ample to allow you to pass through with the chariot and horse. The stadium has around 70, 000 seats, while the track itself has a length of 217 m. In the past, there were held gladiator fights and horse races.

The Marble library is built on two floors and dates from 135 and is impressive with its beautiful facade and powerful speakers. Its interior is unique in the reading room and you can still see the papyrus scrolls.

Ephesus had situated the famous temple of Artemis, which was named one of the seven wonders of the world. This pantheon had disappeared many centuries ago and today only one column has been recovered.




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