Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle

Castle Eilean Donan is one of the most visited and important attractions in the mountainous regions of Scotland. Its view is emblematic, which makes it well known worldwide. Eilean Donan was raised on a small island which meets the three lakes, surrounded by magnificent scenery. One of the lakes is Loch Duich and very close is the town Dornie. On the way to Eilean Donan you can go to the nearest island, Isle of Skye, which holds the famous Palace of the ancestral clan, MacLeod.

The first fortified building on today's Eilean Donan was built back in the 6th century, but the first medieval fortress there appeared in the 13th century. Its primary purpose was to guard and defend territories like Kintail from Viking raids. In the 15th century fortress Eilean Donan passes into the hands of the Mackenzies clan.

In 1504 Alexander Gordon, who was Earl of Huntly, failed in his attempt to take Eilean Donan on behalf of King James IV, and seven years later, the fortress was assigned to the MacRae clan, which had strong control of much of the region. In the early 18th century the castle suffered severe damages during the Spanish occupation in the area.

In 1911 the castle sank in ruins and was bought by Colonel Lieutenant John MacRae, one year later he began a major project on the restoration of the property. It is believed that the colonel had the desire to build Eilean Donan in its absolute media protocol. After 20 years of intensive repair the castle was opened in 1932 and was designed on the plans prepared in 1714 found in Edinburgh.

The only part of the palace, which was not included in the drawings and had never existed in its current form is the bridge that connects Eilean Donan. Before the construction of this facility you could only reach the castle by boat.

Eilean Donan

Today there is an option at Eilean Donan to rent a bike for the day, although its owners prefer to do so only in winter, when crowds of tourists are fewer. The growing popularity of the castle is thanks to the motion picture site of some pretty cash Hollywood productions like, Highlander.



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