Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon, Arizona

The city of Sedona in the U.S.A, is a state of Arizona and is unique and one of kind in the North American continent. It was founded in 1902, and quickly became a center for mystics who believe that the famous red rocks surrounding the settlement, carry terrestrial energy. It concentrates in particular points, called vortices, which have healing powers.

Proponents of this theory believe that mystical Sedona and the majestic Boynton canyon, is at place of several natural phenomena, which allows them to penetrate into the medical realm of divine feelings. This method is able to load the body and mind with energy to heal both physically and mentally. So it is not surprising that Sedona is home to beautiful spa facilities and studios for yoga , massage, art and culture.

Boyntan Canyon is located about 12 km west of Sedona (Arizona) and is one of the most beautiful places that you can see in the area. The canyon is so picturesque that one could go on walking across it for days without being bored. The vortices in the Boyntan Canyon are considered to be a huge electromagnetic force that keeps the balance between masculine and feminine.

Aside from the mystical theories and focus on natural resources, we can easily understand that the charm of the popular Red Rocks in Sedona is largely due to the Boyntan Canyob. The tourist route through the canyon, starting from the car park and lasts about 6 km, is a favorite for many people. Most visitors to the Boyntan Canyon come for the fabulous views of the natural rock formations.

The Boyntan Canyon still has traces of the unique Indian culture. On its stone walls, one can still see traces of cave dwellings inhabited centuries ago. Interesting rock paintings can be seen at the site, and are known as Vi-Bar-Vi Ranch. These caves served as dwellings to the Yavapai Indian tribe, and are situated within the Coconino National Park.

The foot trails in the Boyntan Canyon lead tourists through the mystical magnetic red rocks for several kilometers. It crosses the Sacred Red Rock Secret Mountain, shrouded by greenery and trees. Most visitors take a walk until the middle of the route, but the real picturesqueness of the Boyntan Canyon can be seen and felt when a person enters into the depths of the canyon.

Sedona, Arizona

The best time to visit the Boyntan Canyon is in spring and autumn, as it is an easy transition, and paths are clear. The summer heat is unbearable and you would need to take plenty of water, especially if you decide to take a 3-hour journey or longer. The Boyntan Canyon prohibits the use of cars or bicycles.

It is important to know that parking and access to the canyon is only possible through the issuance of a passport for the red rocks of Coconino National Forest. They can be purchased at all visitor centers and many local shops. A day ticket costs $ 5 a week ticket costs $ 15, while the annual cost is $ 20.



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