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Minnesota State Capitol

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Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul

Minnesota State Capitol is in the capital of Minnesota - Saint Paul. The building is located on the Minnesota Senate, housing legislative institutions and the office of the governor. In the building is located the Supreme Court of Minnesota.

Around the building there are many beautiful monuments. The building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert. It is modeled on the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome.

The dome is made of marble and is the second largest worldwide after the dome of the Basilica San Pietro. It is reinforced with special steel columns, which preclude the dome to crack. For the dome was used a special stone that Indians once used to create their pipes of peace. This architect has done this out of respect for the Indians who lived on the territory of Minnesota long before Europeans appeared.

Construction of the building began in 1896. The Capitol building was built for 4.5 million dollars in the early twentieth century. Today its value is estimated at four hundred million dollars.

It was finally completed in 1905. This contemporary Capitol building is the third. The first Capitol building was destroyed by fire, in 1881. The second was built in 1883, but soon it became clear that it is too small for the needs of the state. So began the construction of this building.

State Capitol of Minnesota in Saint Paul

From the southern end of the building is situated a composition of sculptures created by Daniel Chester French and Edward Clark Potter. The composition is called progress of the state. It represents four horses that symbolize the elements - earth, water, fire and wind. The woman, who manages them, symbolizes civilization and the man beside her is a symbol of the prosperous.

The statue was covered with gold, but in 1995 had to be restored and the gold was replaced.

The mascot of the state is the North Star. Therefore, in the Capitol building has the North Star depicted and below it is an inscription in French, which specifies which is this star and repeats the motto of the state.

Over the Cabinet of the representatives of power stands the statue called Lady Minnesota. It has two pioneers that go to it. On the other side stands sachem. She holds a book in her hands, on which are inscribed the dates of the founding of the territory of Minnesota and of Minnesota gaining recognition as a state.

In most of the year the building has open doors for anyone who wants to see it as a historical landmark. The building is decorated with portraits of state governors and the flags that were captured by Minnesota during the Civil War.

In the rotunda of the building there are various memorials which are statues. There is William J. Colvill Memorial, James Shields Memorial, the John B. Sanborn Memorial and Alexander Wilkin Memorial.

Around the building there are monuments and memorials. There the Knute Nelson Memorial, John Albert Johnson Memorial, Floyd B. Olson Memorial, Charles Lindbergh Memorial, Minnesota Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Minnesota Korean War Memorial, Peace Officers Memorial, Roy Wilkins Memorial, Christopher Columbus Monument and the monument to the Living.



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