Pyrenees are a mountain range in southwestern Europe, which serves as a natural border between France and Spain, which separates the Iberian Peninsula from the mainland. A small part of the Pyrenees falls in Andorra. The mountain is rich in beautiful scenery, which earned it the nickname of "Wonderland" for every tourist, vacationer, or a lover of beautiful natural scenery. Pyrenees has many small villages and resorts, located in France and Spain that offer many opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, skiing, etc.

The Pyrenean mountain chain has a total length of about 430 km from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. Two thirds of the territory of the mountain is in the territory of Spain. Highest peak of the Pyrenees is Aneto, near which is found the only Pyrenees and Spain glacier. Aneto reaches a height of 3404 meters and is located in the Spanish mountain range. Situated within the Spanish province of Huesca in northern Aragon, Aneto forms the southern Massif Maladeta. It was conquered for the first time in July 1842.

In both sides of the Pyrenees are the historical areas of Catalonia and Navarre. The mountain range is divided into a western, central and eastern part. West is the Basque Country. East has a dry climate, represented by the Catalan side and the Mediterranean and Central Pyrenees is where the highest peaks and breathtaking panoramas are. Here is the area of Barège, which is astonishingly beautiful with its meadows of wildflowers, ideal for picnics and walks.

While cities are the last place that should be thought of in the Pyrenees, there are some places that are worth visiting. In the central Pyrenees such a place is the town of Pau, famous for the first Continental Europe golf course with 18 holes, built in 1860. Lourdes is another popular tourist town in the Pyrenees. By shifting to the east, natural scenery changes as at the base of the mountain appear vineyards.

Pyrenean Mountain Range

Niaux city is known as a starting point for prehistoric caves in the valley Ariège, which has existed for 10 000 years. The cave complex has a French side in Garga. Mirepoix is a great example of a medieval fortified town of the 13th century, with its medieval walls and market. The coastline of the Pyrenees is popular among tourists as one of the nicest resort towns here is Collioure.

Romanesque churches in the valley Paints in Catalonia have been declared a World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. A grandiose monument near the French Pyrenees Castle is Carcassonne Castle. It is located near the border between France and Spain, on a hill overlooking the surrounding picturesque countryside of Languedoc with incredible views of the Pyrenees.

Pyrenees are extremely rich in flora and fauna. There are two large parks, which serve to protect natural resources. In France it is the Pyrenees National Park, and in Spain Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the Pyrenees there are numerous lakes, waterfalls, springs, caves and canyons. Over 1000 glacial lakes are in the Pyrenees, and the hot springs are virtually endless.

From the wildlife of the Pyrenees important species are that of brown bear, deer, bearded vulture, golden eagle. Only in the Spanish is found the found other breed of wolf, Spanish lynx, gene, endemic Spanish ibex, etc.



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