Limmat River

Limmat River

Among the features that highlight the city appearance and atmosphere of the largest and most expensive city in Switzerland - Zurich, is the beautiful Limmat River. Along it can be seen many historical and cultural landmarks, especially the old town, which occupies the beautiful two opposite coasts of Limmat, to the west and east.

River Limmat is a continuation of the Linth river, which springs from the upland town of Glarus, and with a length of 50 km is a major tributary of Lake Zurich. By draining from the lake, she was named Limmat. From Zurich, the river starts in the northwest and then the 35 km river reaches Aare. Both rivers are found north of the small town of Brugg in the canton Aargau, shortly after the mouth of the fourth largest river in Switzerland - Reuss.

The name itself comes from Limmat merging the names of two rivers - Lint and Maag, which are major tributaries of Lake Zurich, before channels being built to deviate River Lint. Limmat River is 35 km long and its upstream catchment covers a total area of 2416 sq. km.

Limmat River in Zürich

Major cities downstream of Limmat after Zurich are Dietikon, Wettingen and Baden. In Zurich, Limmat is joined by the river Sihl, at Dietikon thereto flows Reppisch. Limmat is used to obtain hydropower. In the 35-mile length of the river were built more than 10 hydro-electric stations.

Along the Limmat daily tourist trips by boat are organized in Zurich. The trip takes guests on the meandering waterway over which queue beautiful bridges and the final stop is the lake Zurich. During the journey in Limmat, you can see the beautiful old Munster Bridge, near which stands the blue peak of the tower of the Cathedral Fraumünster/Church of Our Lady.

There can clearly be seen the largest clock face in Europe - proudly owned by the clock tower of the St Peter's church. Further, on the west bank of the River Limmat can be seen the Zurich beach- Stadthausquai. Especially beautiful is the old town of Zurich, which you see on both sides of the river.

Boat cruises on the River Lima move from early spring to late autumn, most of them have a glass roof that allows you to capture the entire cityscape. The most popular are called "Cocktail cruise" trips that take about 90 minutes. Most boats leave the coast of Limmat near the National Museum in Zurich every 30 minutes.



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