Memphis, Tennessee


Memphis is located in southwestern Tennessee. The city is the 19th largest in the United States. Memphis is often associated with the definitions of "average South", "birthplace of rock and roll" and "River City".

Memphis was founded in 1819 in the place where the rivers Wolf and Mississippi merge. The picturesque location of the town makes it an attraction for many tourists. As many people would assume, Memphis was named after the ancient Egyptian capital.

The town is famous mostly for its most popular personalities - BB King, the great actor Morgan Freeman, singer and actor Justin Timberlake and actress Cybil Shepherd.

In Memphis is the second most visited place in the United States after the White House. It is the Graceland Mansion - home of rock icon Elvis Presley. Each year the mansion is visited by over 600, 000 tourists. Today the place is turned into an interesting museum about the life and work of legend. As such, it has been operational since 1982 (5 years after the death of the father of rock and roll). Several years later the site was registered in the U.S. national landmarks. The manor consists of 23 rooms. Around the building is the Meditation Garden, where the parents of Elvis Presley are buried. Among the things that you can see there are two private planes of Elvis, his fancy car and his collection of motorcycles. A tour of the legendary mansion will cost you $ 30 to $ 70.

Trapped in the rhythms and stories of the great musicians that lived and worked in Memphis, tourists should not forget to try some of the famous traditional dishes of the city. Memphis is proud of its dishes, grilled and smoked barbecue has preserved its brand. It is no accident that in this place is held one of the biggest culinary events – the World Championship Barbecue Contest. The event is held annually in May.

Memphis, Tennessee

The nightlife of the city is best represented by bars located on Beale Street. Some of these institutions are the birthplaces of the blues. On this street is located a reply on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the Memphis Walk of Fame. Unlike the one on Hollywood However, Memphis only honors local artists.

Among the landmarks of the city are the National Civil Rights Museum, the former Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King was actually killed.

In Memphis is the largest and oldest art museum in Tennessee - Brooks Museum of Art. In the building, dating from 1916, visitors can enjoy unique exhibits since the Italian Renaissance. The museum exposition is impressive with works from the Baroque and Impressionism peiods. Works of contemporary authors can also be found in the art museum.

The Pink Palace is where the local Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium is housed. Annually, the site is visited by around 240, 000 people. This planetarium is the third largest in the U.S. and astonishes its visitors with memorable IMAX screenings.

Memphis celebrates the indigenous people of the city, by keeping the Chucalissa Indian Village, which dates from the 15th century.

You will be able to truly enjoy the Children's Museum of Memphis.

On the coast of Mississippi is a very attractive building- The Pyramid Arena, in which are mainly carried out large-scale sporting events. The Pyramid is a delicate reference to Egypt, whose ancient capital the American city was named after. It is believed that this pyramid is the sixth highest in the world.

The city is Memphis is a regional center of Shelby County and has a population of nearly 700, 000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in Tennessee.



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