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Corbett National Park

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Elephants in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is the oldest park in India. It is named after the famous hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett was founded in 1936. Jim Corbett became best known for his hunting of man- eating tigers in the region Kumaon.

Corbett National Park is the first park created on such a large area - 500 square miles in the foothills of the Himalayas. In the nineties of the last century, they have added more than seven hundred square kilometers, which act as a buffer zone of the park.

Part of the park are forests and grasslands, which are located near the river Ramganar. The park has over fifty species of mammals, twenty-five species of reptilians and over five hundred species of birds. The most famous inhabitants of the park, however, are the Bengal Royal Tigers.

The first name of the park was Hailey, as it was known at its founding. In the fifties of last century the park was renamed Ramganga Park and in the seventies of the twentieth century, it received its present name.

The main types of wildlife that inhabit the territory of the Corbett National Park are tiger, elephant, king cobra, wild boar, hedgehog, mole, flying fox, Indian anteater. Each year several thousand people arrive in the park. There are opportunities for accommodation of tourists both within the park and near it, so that immediately after getting out, they can start to enjoy all the beauty that offers nature.

Corbett National Park

In Corbett National Park live more than thirty-seven species of dragonflies that amaze visitors with various colors and sizes. Within the park, there's seven species of live fish. The main attractions of the park are the endangered royal Bengal tigers, leopards and crocodiles, tourists can see in their natural environment otters, sloths and gray languor.

The charm of the national park is further reinforced by the presence of spotted deer, Himalayan black bears and Indian gray mongoose.

The diverse climatic conditions in Corbett Park make it a preferred habitat for many migratory birds, peacocks and eagles.

Tigers are perhaps the most famous of all the wild animals that live in India. They are a symbol of physical strength and are revered as guardians of the forest. Bengal tigers mark their territory further, by clawing tree trunks. They notify the other tigers to what extent their territory.

In Corbett National Park live about seven hundred elephants. During the summer days herds of elephants can be seen moving through the jungle.

Indian elephants are remarkable for their intelligence and memory. Elephants in the park eat different types of grass, leaves, stems of trees, vines and shrubs. Leopards in the park can be seen in hilly areas, but can be seen in the lower part of the jungle too.

Gray languor, also known as Hanuman are among the residents of the Corbett Park. They are revered by Hindus and can be found in many places throughout the park. Gray languor are vegetarians and prefer to feed on flower buds, fruits, leaves, flowers and seeds.

Himalayan goats are common in the park. They live in small groups on the mountain slopes and can move at high speed even in the most narrow paths and steep ridges of the mountains. Himalayan goats are active at dawn and dusk - this is their time for feeding. They eat leaves, grasses, twigs, nuts and fruits. In the park you can see large groups of wild pigs that are fed with fruits, shrubs, roots, but they also eat meat - mice, snakes, bird eggs, insects, frogs and carrion.



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