Mooloolaba is a known and preferred by tourists from around the world resort in Australia. It is located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The city has a population of over 7400 people and is one of the preferred destinations for tourists. It is ninety-seven kilometers from the state capital - Brisbane. Mooloolaba is part of the city center of Maroochydore. The name of the town comes from the Aboriginal word mooloo that means fish.

Originally the town was named Mooloolah Heads, but changed to Mooloolaba in 1919. East of Mooloolaba is the Coral Sea and the south - Mooloola River. The Mooloola estuary is a place where a large fleet of fishing vessels stands. There is also found the northern base for pilot boats, which control shipping through the Gulf of Moreton and the Port of Brisbane. The port is a popular haven for many vessels as it is sheltered.

The town of Mooloolaba has a wonderful beach where tourists gather from around Australia and from different corners of the world.

The town has a marine park where you can see the inhabitants of the underwater world. Behind the beach is a place preferred by people who love to relax camping. The city has luxurious villas.

Originally Mooloolaba was a place where surfers came only occasionally, but it gradually evolved into a premium tourist destination.

Tourists visiting Mooloolaba, say it is a place that is as close to heaven as one can imagine.

Part of the magic of Mooloolaba is the refined style and the incredible atmosphere that reigns in the city. Sands overflow in various shades of gold, and the water attracts those who want to bathe and surf on the surface or jet and water ski. The underwater world provides magnificent views for fans of diving. They can do this alone or accompanied, depending on their skills and can see the unforgettable views of some thirty feet below.

For those who love to fish, it is possible to indulge in this favorite pastime. Whoever wishes, can hire a boat and crew to enter into the deep waters, where you can catch rare fish species. Mooloolaba is the perfect place for lovers of the exotic and luxury.

The city offers incredible cuisine and has excellent boutiques where you can buy really quality goods. Mooloolaba beach is one of the most popular along the entire coast of Queensland.

In the northern part of town are many interesting rocks that attract lovers of beautiful scenery. Mooloolaba is the perfect place to experience true romantic adventures.

Mooloolaba and the surrounding area offer many attractions for both locals and tourists from around the world.

An attraction called Underwater world allows you to dive with sharks. You can get on the boat and watch giant whales that swim around the vessel. The city is home to the Australia Zoo, which offers breathtaking views of the real environment of animals in the wild. It covers an area of 70 acres and is home to over 1, 000 animals.

The lighthouse at Point Cartwright is one of the landmarks of the coast and a favorite place for tourists. Mooloolaba has great exposure of opals – the opals here were collected worldwide and this is the largest collection of these beautiful stones that can be seen on the planet.



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