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Ama Dablam

Mount Ama Dablam is located in the Himalayas and rises to 6812 m altitude. Ama Dablam is regarded as one of the most impressive peaks in the world. It is not that high, but it is amazingly beautiful. The Nepali name translates as the mother's necklace.

In recent years, climbing Mount Ama Dablam is becoming more popular. The most selected climbing route is the southwest ridge of the mountain, starting from its southern side. This climb is technically more complicated than regular tourist routes in most high mountains in the world. This is due to the fact that almost all key areas en route to the summit is located at an altitude of over 6 000 meters.

Tourists are recommended to be well equipped for climbing. Required are a sleeping bag that is certified for temperature twenty degrees below zero, a large backpack, suitable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen - factor 25, all medicine needed, telescopic poles, ice axes, alpine cat rifles, special ropes, head flashlight, thick jacket and trousers, thick gloves, hat, face mask, sun hat, windproof jacket, three pairs of wool socks and three sweaters.

There are places on the route to Ama Dablam, which are almost vertical, so that you will require transfers in boats with the help of ropes. It’s not recommended that you make separate attempts to climb Ama Dablam. There are plenty of experts to help tourists climbing to the top, without leading to hazardous situations.

Climbing Ama Dablam is recommended for people who have climbed in sufficiently hard rocky places. For people who do not have enough experience but are eager to conquer the peak, training at local level is offered, climbing smaller peaks, which have a structure similar to that of Ama Dablam.

Ama Dablam, Himalayas

Shaped like a beautiful pyramid peak, Ama Dablam is one of the favorite tourist destinations for people who love conquering peaks and do not stop at a challenge. During the ascent to the summit very steep places have to be crossed, most of which are icy.

Reaching the first base camp takes about six hours. Staying in the camp helps the process of acclimatization. The higher tourists climb, the more beautiful vistas are opened before their eyes. You can see the entire western Himalayas, Mount Cho Oyu, which rises to 8201 m height and peak Numbur, which has a height of 6859 meters. It also includes the peak Taboche, which rises to 6367 m altitude.

The next camp is reached in about five hours. The road passes through easy for transition rock terraces and snowy mountain ridges alike. Before you get to camp, you climb the so-called Yellow Tower, which is nice for climbing, but very tiring as climbing is done at such high altitudes.

After leaving the second camp, you quickly gain altitude. The climb is hard and the tip of the so-called Grey Tower offers a new challenge for climbers. The path is not very difficult, but there are a couple of places that require not only training and full concentration, but also strong enough desire to overcome them.

Once the climber reaches camp 2.9, follows the ascent of the peak. Camp 2.9 is pretty cold and it is advisable not to sleep within it. The road to the summit takes about four hours. It is worth the effort because the view from the top is magnificent.



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