Dougga in Tunisia

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Dougga in Tunisia

Dougga is another location in Tunisia that has preserved priceless Roman Antiquities. The unique archaeological site is located in the north African country, Tunisia.

The village, which was built north of the city is oriented to the east bordering the hill known as Kef Dougga. The location can easily be reached from the New Dougga. Additionally you can book an organized tourist trip from Tunisia or Le Kef, during which this historic village can be visited within one day.

Many believe this is the most interesting place in all of Tunisia. In the past, Dougga was a large and flourishing city under the leadership of the mighty king Masinissa.

According to archaeologists, this locality was inhabited since the 6th century BC. In the second century BC it was a village, and later after the Roman invasion Dougga acquired the status of local city (CIVITAS). The creation of a Carthaginian colony was during the reign of Augustus which marks the final institutional status of the city.

From ancient times there they have managed to preserve 12 Roman church’s, 3 public baths, 2 restored theaters, a temple of the nymphs, some of the cemetery and mausoleum, and the pretty water fountains. Besides them also in excellent condition has remained the plaza and circus.

One of the most attractive destinations in Dougga is the Cartagena Tower of the 2nd century BC. It is located in the southern part of the fortress, and reaches a significant 21 meters in height. The tower was built on three levels, at the upper end it has a roof resembling a pyramid. The middle part is richly decorated with horsemen, and the bottom - with berelefi of Quadriga. The three levels are linked to each other by beautiful staircases with decorative Ionic columns.

Especially attractive is the Capitol City , which is closed by a colonnade courtyard. It was built in 166-167, and there stands an impressive 6-meters high building of Jupiter and two smaller statues of Juno and Minerve which can be reached by beautiful curved stairs.

Amfiteather in Dougga

The ancient Roman settlement in Dougga allows most definitely understaning of exactly how it appeared a typical big city at that time. Because of these unique archaeological monuments Dougga is a monument of world heritage by UNESCO.

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