Corfu Castle

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Island of Corfu is located in western Greece. It is located in the Ionian Sea near the border with Albania. The largest city on the island also carries the name of Corfu. It is a real treasure of historical and cultural landmarks as you can see Palace Mon Repos, several museums and churches such as Saint protector of Corfu. The view from the port to the castle and Old Town is really fascinating.

The Old Town is the largest in Greece and has a "live" media center. Picturesque steep streets leading to the monuments, Byzantine churches, Venetian and stairs dressed in marble fountains, Corfu is the second name on the Greek island and it appears in Byzantine times rising over the city acropolis.

Corfu Castle

Besides the beautiful scenery of the island, visitors can enjoy several Venetian castles. Corfu was under Venetian control between 15th and 18th century which has left an impact today in the architecture of the city and the unique atmosphere that is floating around. Castle Corfu is built by the Venetians upon the remains of an old Byzantine fortress earlier. The construction of the fortress was completed in two stages.

In the first round of construction during the period was between 1400 and 1500 when the Venetians strengthened the Byzantine walls and dug the mandatory for each castles moat. The nose of the Corfu castle was built on an artificial island, which led to a swing bridge. Known as Contra Fossa, in more recent times, it became popular as it was known as an unfortunate place for suicides.

The second stage of construction of the castle of Corfu was during the 16th -18th century and ends to the final stage of construction started in 1546-1588, after which the fortress was strengthened with the additions and amendments made by the British.

Today especially impressive are the preserved bastions which bear the names of Italian engineers Martinengo and Savorgnan. Interesting yet, built later were the British buildings such as St. George, built in 1840 as a basilica with impressive Doric columns. Most of the churches and other buildings were destroyed over the centuries, including the most important among them, the main Venetian palace.

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