Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins

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Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins

The Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins are located in the beautiful and picturesque are around Hegau in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. In this picturesque southern part of Germany these historic ruins rise over the city and only about 30 km away lies the Lake Constance.

The ruins are spread over an area of 22 acres on the volcanic plateau, where an incredible beautiful view of the whole area can take your breath away. To get to the Hohentwiel Ruinsyou should will follow the steep and continuous winding paved road.

The starting point is the old cemetery of the city, but it is good to prepare mentally and physically for a long walk through mud, gravel and steep cobblestones. However when you get to the Hohentwiel Ruins you will understand that the whole effort was worth it. The panorama view from the high plateau to the city and the whole area is one of those landscapes that you can contemplate for hours without getting tired.

The mountain of the Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins is known to have the highest mountain vineyards on the slopes and the area around the castle itself had been settled somewhere in the Neolithic era, around 5000 BC. From this ancient period are traces and archaeological evidence that people there were farmers and also bred animals.

The history of the castle began sometime in the 10th century when in 914 years the fortress was built by the Bavarian nobility. At that time Hohentwiel castle was the seat of King Conrad. In these and the following centuries the castle had seen extremely hostile attacks, but nevertheless remained stable and impregnable.

Inside was built the monastery St. George. In 1005 he moved to Stein Rhine, located in present day Switzerland. The fortress lost its luster to the impregnable castle and in 1300 it was in possession of the influential family of Klingenberg. Much of the ruins today remained from the original buildings of the castle.

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