Christiansborg Palace

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Palace Christiansborg is an impressive palace in Denmark. Furthermore it is a major tourist attraction and is the most important building in Denmark today. Christiansborg is located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. This palace is excellent in terms of substance of the functions it performs.

Nowhere else in the world is there a building of a castle or palace, which integrates the seats of parliament, called Folketinget, the Supreme Court and the office of the prime minister. Moreover, beyond the walls of Christiansborg are halls and royal receptions.

Christiansborg Palace

As current headquarters the democracy in the country is in the face of the parliament and Christiansborg which also has a unique combination of administrative functions and architecture. The palace, situated on the island of Slotsholmen has kept some of the best-kept secrets of Copenhagen, and it combines the ruins of ancient ruins with its modern architecture.

Christiansborg is where the parliament has been located in the country for almost a thousand years and of time as the headquarters of the monarch. It is believed that the first castle Christiansborg was built sometime in the 12th century by Archbishop Absalon. The palace was built by the servant of God and has passed intact for nearly 200 years until it was destroyed by enemy troops.

For centuries Christiansborg was the place where kings took the crown and held their weddings.The first tower of Christiansborg was built in 1167, when the fort was a strategic military fortress. The main task of the fortress was to protect trade routes to Denmark with gold, slaves and palm oil.

In the following centuries the castle Christiansborg became a demolition and burned several times. The last palace suffered serious damage in 1884 and its present form was built on the ruins of the former royal palaces.

Part of Christiansborg is now open for tourist visits. Particularly interesting are the dungeons below the ground part. There are the remains of a medieval fortress that was built by order of Archbishop Absalon, which today are just below the palace.

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