Burresheim Castle

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Schloß Bürresheim

Raised more than 800 years Burresheim Castle is an amazing and beautiful medieval fortress that was never conquered or destroyed for one reason or another, unlike most castles that have managed to be maintained until nowadays in the German Rhineland-Palatinate. Burresheim Castle is located in the northwest of the town of St. Johann or better known as Mayen.

As if out of an old fairy tale Burresheim Castle stands in a lonely valley among the hills of the rich natural and beautiful region of Eifel.

The well-preserved Burresheim Castle today is a wonderful example of how a medieval fortress passes a metamorphosis to become a magnificent and enchanting baroque palace. Burresheim Castle was built as a medieval castle with a rectangular architectural plan, a 15th century five-storey palace. Only the fifth floor was built in the late Gothic period. The fifth body was completely adapted to life, judging by the fireplace and chimney, and the nature of the wardrobe.

In the Middle Ages Burresheim Castle was something like a residential complex with several owners and several residential buildings. The oldest castle was called, Castle Cologne, which was built in the 13th century. This is the highest part of Burresheim Castle which has been preserved in its romantic ruins.

Burresheim Castle and Castle Eltz are two fortresses, which were never destroyed during military conflicts. Even during the battles in the 17th and 18th century Burresheim Castle remains unstuffy. That is one of the main aspects under which this historic castle is unique today. Burresheim Castle is a rare example of a medieval castle, which was inhabited until 1921.

Until these first decades of the last 20th century until 1938 the many nobles and their families who lived in it in previous centuries had bequeathed the palace a huge wealth of authentic furniture and artwork.

Today, this wealth of the intriguing Burresheim Castle was converted into a tourist attraction. The palace offers all the luxuries and intriguing details of a truly noble residence.

On pretty pictures you will see a memory of one of the most important owners and occupiers of Burresheim Castle - archibishop of Mainz - Emmerich-Joseph von Breidbach-Bürresheim.

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