Mühlburg Castle

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Mühlburg Castle is an interesting medieval castle, which is now under the protection of the German government as a valuable historical monument. The excellent restored castle is one of the fragments that make up the trinity of medieval castles of the German province, Thuringia - Three identical.

Furthermore Mühlburg is in this emblematic of the history of the Thuringia group of palaces and stands with the Wachsenburg Castle and the Gleichen Castle.

Mühlburg Castle near Erfurt in Thuringia

Located about 13 miles from the historic German city of Erfurt, the three palaces are in the beautiful and scenic natural area of Wachsenburg. The strange name of this group of medieval palaces was given by the local residents and it comes from a legend.

On May 31st, 1230 the towers of the palaces burst into flames at the same time, thus where the name, Three identical comes from. More recently, however, the name comes from the natural geographic characteristics of the region and the strategic location of the three forts up on their wooded hills.

Mühlburg Castle is considered the oldest of the three fortresses and you can still see the remains of an old chapel. Today the palace functions primarily as a museum, while it is an obligatory stop for tourists visiting the area.

For the first time the Mühlburg Castle was mentioned in 704 years when Duke Heden II gives then Castello Mulenberge an atonement for the sins of his father's missionary and bishop Willibrord of Utrecht.

Today Mühlburg Castle is open for public visits and the museum and the high tower are the most interesting places for tourists. The palace is open daily - from March to October from 10:00 to 17:00 hours and on weekends – 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

You can visit Mühlburg Castle once having paid an entrance fee of about 1 euro.

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