Changdeokgung Palace

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Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul

The capital of the Republic of South Korea-Seoul boasts some of the most interesting architecturally historic landmarks that has remained to this day within the Asian culture.

Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul is one of the palaces which was built by Joseon Dynasty as a sign of power and glory. There are a total of five historic palaces outlining the cultural image of South Korea's capital - Gyeongbokgung, aka the North Palace, Gyeonghuigung, also called the Western Palace, Gyeongbok - Eastern palace, the fifth Toksugung and of course the impressive Changdeokgung.

Palace Changdeokgung is located in the south of Gyeongbokgung and today it is one of the most attractive and popular among the tourists. With an exclusive, striking exterior and facade the palace is considered the best preserved of the four chambers of the House Joseon. Recognition of the historical value is evident as the castle Changdeokgung is included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO from 1997.

From a historical perspective Changdeokgung is the most important palace among all five of them. Originally it was built as an annexe to the Gyeongbokgung, which once stood more than 500 individual buildings and pavilions. Changdeokgung was built by the order of King Thedzhong in 1405. Over the next few centuries ahead of its fate was the demolition. The first one was in 1592 when the army of Hideyoshi set it on fire and it burnt to the ground.

During the reign of King Soneji who ruled between 1567 and 1608, and Kuanghegun - between 1608 and 1623, Changdeokgung was fully restored. In 1623 in Seoul a coup aimed to overthrow the ruler – Kuanghegun, of the throne, but during these attempts the construction of the royal palace Changdeokgung was again significantly destroyed, 23 years later the restoration of Changdeokgung began.

Historic Seoul - Changdeokgung Palace

In the following centuries Changdeokgung was continuously used as a royal residence. In 1907, the ruler - Joseon family again returned to live in Changdeokgung. The last member of the royal family - Princess and Pang-Ja, who was the wife of the last heir of the Joseon resided in the palace until 1989 until her death occurred.

What attracts thousands of visitors today at the palace, is its magnificent authentic architecture and incredible gardens, known as Huuon. The backyard garden occupies an area of 32 hectares. The unbelievable harmony and beautiful garden has a unique blend of perfectly arranged flower alleys and exotic fruit trees, ponds, bridges and beautiful pavilions in which once rested or had raised the royal rulers of Joseon.

Another interesting attraction in Changdeokgung are the royal garages in which to this day you can see the first car imported into Korea, the Cadillac. This happened in 1903 by King Sundzhong.

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