Dillenburg Castle

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Dillenburg Castle Tower - Wilhelmsturm

Dillenburg Castle dominates the German town of the same name, which is located in central Germany. This world region is known as the Westerwald forest or Western forest, which is a scenic wooded hill on the right bank of the Rhine river. Only Dillenburg lies at the eastern end of Western forest in the lower valley of the river Dill.

The medieval castle was built on a hill, which lies about 100 kilometers east of the town of Beune. Dillenburg Castle proudly bears its tower, known as Wilhelmsturm and the building is a symbol of all Dillenburg. The tower was built between 1872-1875 years on the local historical hill in memory of William of Orange.

The medieval castle was erected in 1130. Over time the building shows the age of the construction of the stronghold and until now has remained in the form of intriguing ruins. For the first time Dillenburg was mentioned in historical sources in 1254. The castle was the family ancestral seat of the House of Nassau.

In the late 13th and early 14th century it became a real medieval fortress, but everything that has remained today from this earliest authentic construction is limited to the building known as Stockhaus which was once used as a prison.

In the early 16th century, between the years of 1525-1535 the fortress built a great wall of 300 meters which held a height of 20 meters and two significant sized churches.

It is the Dillenburg Castle that started the Dutch freedom uprising, led then by William Orange. He was born in the castle during 1533 and in 1568 the first son of William Hesau was already leading battles against the King of Spain. Today the Dutch, William Orange is honored as a national hero and less honored was his brother Maurice, who fought alongside him in the 16th century.

Today, Dillenburg Castle is considered one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Its construction was literally destroyed in 1760 during the Seven Years War, but until today there are vast and impressive underground fortifications of the castle and the famous tower that was built in 1875. It reaches a height of 40m and reminds us today of the great works of William Orange.

The construction of the castle emblem began in 1872. Today, inside the tower is a fascinating historical museum of Orange-Nassau. You can find out everything about the history of William I, thanks to the many preserved artifacts and documents. The castle visitors have the opportunity to experience a virtual trip back in time, which will take them to the palace for key events.

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