Cities in France

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For almost half a millennium, Rennes is the famous capital of the Brittany region in France. The picturesque town has remained part of the cultural historical heritage over the centuries, much of it was lost in 1720, aft...
The Mediterranean city of Toulon, in France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. There are many picturesque squares and fine buildings, located in the "old part" of town, excellent restauran...
In the heart of southern France is the cosmopolitan city of Toulouse. They say this is one of the places that you must visit if you really want to fully enjoy the beautiful country, founded by the Gauls. A lot of fest...
Lyon is the birthplace of the genius author Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This seemingly inhospitable French city is actually one of the most interesting and rich in history settlements in this part of Europe. Lyon is one of...
Nice is the birthplace of the great Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi, who actively participated in its union and the Italian Revolution. To this day the atmosphere in Nice has a thin thread of intolerance. As a result, Nice se...
Marseille is the second largest French city after the capital [Paris]. While it has a slightly dubious reputation and is not a very visited by tourists destination, Marseille has a long history and interesting sights. Th...
Arles is a remarkable French town located in the Provence in the southeast. It is is situated on the [Rhone River], north of the Camargue and the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its many important historical monuments that...
Avignon is a French city that can offer tourists a rich historical past and a prosperous modern city atmosphere. The city is praised in a popular childrens song and is located along the left bank on one of the bends of t...
Paris, the very name of the romantic French capital wakes mental pictures, accompanied by a pleasant accompaniment of the accordion. This idyllic image could be supplemented by an enjoyable evening spent over a glass of ...