World's Most Beautiful Cities

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Mississauga is located in southern Ontario, Canada. The population is about 735 000 people, making it the sixth most populous municipality in Canada. The city experienced its largest population growth during the mid-eigh...
The French city of Laval has a population of over 51 000 people and is located in the department of Mayenne. The town was founded by fourteen smaller urban communities, united in one in 2000. Historically, Laval was foun...
Provo is a city located in the territory of Utah. It is the third largest city in Utah. Provo is the administrative center of Utah County and its location is such that it is north of the city of [Orem] and to the south –...
The French city of Auxerre with a population of 45 000 people is the capital of the department of Yonne. This is an ancient city in which were found an ancient crypt with frescoes from the ninth century, and sarcophagi f...
Lhasa is the capital of the autonomous region of Tibet in the People’s Republic. It is situated at 3650 m altitude on the northern slopes of the Himalayas, in the Autonomous southern Tibet Region. With its location Lhasa...
El EscorialEl Escorial
El Escorial is a remarkable Spanish town, located about 45 km northwest of the capital [Madrid]. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarama, the town offers many historical monuments in unique architectural stru...
La ValettaLa Valetta
La Valeta is the administrative capital of Malta. This enchanting baroque city is situated on the peninsula Stseberas, which is located in the north east part of the Maltese coast. Around it are seen two of the most beau...
Little RockLittle Rock
Little Rock is a city located in the territory of Arkansas. Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and the largest city within the state. Little Rock is the center of Pulaski County. The city covers an area of 302.5 squa...
Turin is a city in northwestern Italy. It is a major center of the Piedmont Region and perhaps the largest industrial and industrial center in Italy. Turin is located mainly on the west bank of the River Po, as well as t...
Built by the Moors in a defensive position in the center of the Caliphate of Cordoba, Cuenca today is an unusually well-preserved medieval fortified city. It is located in the central Spanish autonomous region Castilla-L...
Immortalized in a brilliant painting of Claude Monet, the castle Dolceacqua is a shining example of Italian medieval architecture. It is built on a hill that dominates the historic town Dolceacqua which is popular with m...