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Coventry Aerial View

Coventry has a population of over 310 000 people. Coventry is a city in the county of West Midlands in England. The city was known in the fourteenth century as an important center of trade in textiles. In the eighteenth century Coventry became famous throughout Europe for its production of quality watches, but in the nineteenth century – bicycles too.

Coventry is a classic English town preferred by tourists who want to enjoy the romance of antiquity, interwoven with the convenience of a modern city.

Among the sights of Coventry is the Nature Centre Brandon Marsh, which covers an area of 200 acres. The center, which offers incredibly beautiful photo opportunities and places to rest, consists of picturesque lakes, ponds, lush forests and fragrant meadows, which are places of living for many plant and animal species.

In the visitors' center in the Nature Reserve, tourists can drink a glass of fragrant English tea and buy souvenirs from the shop to remember the visit to this scenic spot. In the visitors' center are various interesting exhibits. with information provided, and for those wishing to enjoy the nature reserve in conjunction with active participation, various activities are offered.


The Church of All Saints is among the most visited temples in the city of Coventry. The Church building was completed in the twelfth century, but only a small part of the modern building was built then. The church tower was built in the thirteenth century. Then the whole temple was destroyed, and in the middle of the nineteenth century, it was rebuilt.

The Methodist Church Earlsdon was originally in the abandoned ribbon factory building on the street Cromwell. It was founded in 1873.

In Coventry is a museum of Clocks and watches that presents the history of this important urban economy occupation. Exhibits show the influence of Coventry on the watch industry in England, the building consists of three houses from the nineteenth century, which rise to a temporary steel structure. Still the museum is not located in a single separate building, and volunteers and trustees continue to work on establishing its permanent location. It is believed that one of the rooms in the museum is haunted and several night vigils were held there to reassure the souls of the unknown dead.

During the past thousand years, Coventry has had three cathedrals: St. Mary of the twelfth century, the medieval Church of St Michael and the modern cathedral, also named St. Michael. The wealth and the history of Coventry are closely linked with its cathedrals. St. Mary was founded by the Count of Mercia, Leofric and his wife Godiva, in the middle of the eleventh century.

It was built at the site of the former home of the nuns, its size testifies to the richness that the city acquired in the Middle Ages.

In the thirties of the sixteenth century, after the destruction of monasteries, the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield is moved to the former Lichfield cathedral and started to fall to ruins. In 1918 was created the diocese of Coventry and the St Michael Church was designated as its cathedral.

Destruction of Saint Michael is the result of the 1940 bombing by the German Air Force. The Cathedral burned with the city. The decision to restore the temple was taken the next morning after the bombing.



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