World's Most Beautiful Cities

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The HagueThe Hague
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Nina 2
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Rosi Trifonova
Polonnaruwa is the second largest and most important historical ancient city and a monument of Sri Lanka. This is the second capital of the country (after [Anuradhapura]) and is located in the central part of northern Sr...
Kochi is a charming coastal town which is considered a gateway to an incredibly beautiful Kerala. Not surprisingly, they often call this bustling city the "gate of Kerala". Kochi is located on the southwestern coastline ...
Albi, in which live more than 68 000 people, is a city located in southern France. Six thousand years ago the territory where the municipality now Albi is, people had settled. The strategic location of the area led to...
Granada is situated in western Nicaragua. The city is the capital of Nicaragua and has a population of about 110, 000 people. Granada has historical importance and attracts tourists with its beautiful architecture. Grana...
San LeoSan Leo
San Leo is a small medieval town situated in the valley Valmarecchia, near [Rimini], in the southern part of the region Emilia Romagna, sandwiched between Tuscany, [Marche] and the Republic of [San Marino]. The medieval ...
Dayton, OhioDayton, Ohio
Dayton is a city located in the territory of Ohio. It is the sixth largest city in the territory of Ohio. Dayton is the administrative center of Montgomery County. The population is 141, 527 people. The city has the N...
Pasadena, CaliforniaPasadena, California
Pasadena is a city located within the State of California. Pasadena is located within the Los Angeles County. Pasadena is a place of many cultural institutions and many research projects. The population is about 137 000 ...
Cairns is a regional city in Far North Queensland in Australia. The town was founded in 1876. It is named after William Wellington Cairns, who at that time was Governor of Queensland. The town was founded in order min...
Charleston is a city located within the U.S. state of South Carolina. Charleston is the administrative center of the county Charleston since its establishment in 1901. Originally the name of the town was Charles Town and...
Hartford is a city located on the territory of the State of Connecticut. Ha [strong]rtford is the capital of the state of Connecticut. The population is about 125 000 people. The City of Hartford is almost 400 years o...
Santa Clara, CaliforniaSanta Clara, California
Santa Clara is a city located in the territory of California. The city is located within the Santa Clara County. The city has a population of about 116 000 people. Santa Clara is located in the heart of Silicon Valley...