Bouzov Castle

Castle of Bouzov

Bouzov Castle is a historical and architectural pride of the Czech Republic. As a prime example of a medieval castle, Bouzov has served as a natural background for movies.

Bouzov Castle is located on a hill between the villages and the town Hvozdek Bouzov, about 21 km west of Litovel and 28 km northwest of Olomouc, which is the regional city of the local area northwestern Moravia.

Most likely the Bouzov Castle was built sometime in the early 14th century. The Moravian aristocracy was primarily to protect the route between Olomouc to Loštice, which was one of the main trade routes to Prague. A written document from 1317 indicates that the first owner of Bouzov Moravia was an aristocrat, Buz.

Later the Bouzov Castle falls into the hands of representatives of Czech and Moravian aristocracy. One of his most famous owners in the Middle Ages is the Czech King George of Podebrady, whom ruled between 1458-1471. It is believed that he was even born in Bouzov.

Castle of Bouzov

Change occurred in the late 17th century when the castle was sold to the right of domination by order of the German knights, who exercised power in almost all areas of Northern Moravia. Archduke Eugene of Habsburg, took significance, widespread renewal and radical reconstruction of the castle Bouzov between the 1895-1910. The end result transformed the image of the castle, which is already regarded as a romantic palace.

In terms of architecture, Bouzov Castle went through the Gothic style typical of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance architecture, and ultimately the ornaments of both styles have been saved. The original core of the castle is concentrated around the highest defensive tower of Bouzov. After this reconstruction the palace emphasis is placed on artistic decoration.

Currently, Bouzov Castle is fully furnished, equipped and open for public visits. In it you can see the room with the armory of the castle, which is one of the few authentically preserved and furnished rooms in the mansion. You must visit the Gothic and neo-Gothic chapel with its altar and tombs.



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