Guilin in China

Guilin in China

Guilin is an incredibly beautiful area in southern Guangxi province of China. The town is one of the most visited tourist destinations in China. Guilin has many beautiful places that must be seen, largely due to the passing river there its image is reflected even in the back of the banknotes of 20 yen.

Nearest town to Guilin is Yangshuo, which is located further down the river. The town itself is mostly a tourist spot, attractive for people from around the world. Local Chinese have even praises to the natural resources there in the poem, which states that the views in Guilin are the most beautiful in the world. Relatively small, its center is crossed by two rivers and four lakes. In general, it is no different from most major Chinese cities, with the difference that there are many western hotel chains, many tourists and relatively unpolluted air.

Li River flows from Mount Mao ar Son of the village collectively, north of the province. Its length is over 400 km and the scenery on both banks of the river from Guilin to Yanshuo includes the village 83 km away and very beautiful places. For tourists they can organize special trips along the river from one town to another.


Southeast of the city is the majestically idiga hill, which bears the name elephant trunk. This mountain has existed for about 350 million years. Its name comes from the shape which resembles the most likened Mammoth who drinks water from the river with its long trunk.

The elephant holds a height of about 55 meters, its length reaches 108 meters and a width of approximately 100m. Between the trunk and body of the elephant it has a round hole that locals say the Moon passes through. The mountain walls have preserved over 70 inscriptions that have been preserved from ancient dynasties of Tang and Song. This hill is like a badge of the city.

Stranger inhabitants were smiling and very much pleased that there is live in this large but peaceful town. Culinary temptation should be falling for as you should not miss to try a local rice vermicelli, which is sold in many street snacks. In summer both sides of the city are crowded by Chinese and foreign tourists, but the city has not lost its peaceful atmosphere.



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