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Los Angeles at night

Los Angeles, Hollywood - the city of dreams, or rather of the city of the American dream. In a literal translation from the Spanish name of this megalopolis L.A means Angel, so it probably means the City of Angels , which is a beautiful metaphorical name.

This is long forgotten though because in this modern, flashy, sleek and shiny today Los Angeles it has nothing holy and angelic, but rather just screams trendy, expensive restaurants, cars, buildings, boutiques and people who flaunt their capabilities and achievements in one or another field. However, Los Angeles remains one of the emblems of the United States as a city, a dream for many "dreaming" in the world.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S. after the spectacular New York. It is located in the homonymous county in California. Los Angeles is a major economic, cultural and entertainment centers not only on the borders of North America, but worldwide. With its population of over 8 300 000 people, Los Angeles is the second most populour city in the U.S..

Situated on an area of 1200 sq. km Los Angeles is larger in size than even Chicago. Geographically, Los Angeles is unique in that it is the only such big city in the U.S., which is traversed by a mountain range. Officially L.A exists as a city from the 4th April 1850.

Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles is built on the coastal lowlands of the Pacific coast. In the city passes the eponymous river, which springs from Kanoga Park within Los Angeles, and almost the entire flow is adjusted to the concrete bed. Over the years, this second most densely populated city in the U.S. has suffered quite shattering earthquakes due to the fact that it is located in a highly seismic area of the San Andreas Fault. For one year in Los Angeles there is about 10 thousand registered land epicenters, some of the serious earthquakes occurred here in 1994, 1971 and another serious earthquake in 1933.

Los Angeles is known for its fancy neighborhoods where life never goes slow but only at high speed. Here are Pasadena, Long Beach, Korean and colorful Chinatown and Venice, but nothing in the world can compare with the charismatic Hollywood. In the Los Angeles area of Venice is the place where you can feel the atmosphere of the beach strip ocean. Here is a place for entertainment, parties, sun, sea and waves. The district officially existed from 1905 when it was created by tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney as a beach resort.

When we speak of Hollywood, the first association that emerges in our consciousness is movies, cinema and theater again, which go hand in hand with the television industry, commissary, music studios and everything related to entertainment. Hollywood is located northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Hollywood is famous for, Alea of Fame, where artists receive their deserved star plates. West Hollywood is where Beverly Hills forms the face of Los Angeles. In the western part of Hollywood are the Sunset boulevards, Sunset Strip with their numerous and glossy boutiques, restaurants, night clubs and rock.



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