Castle Coca

Coca Castle in Italy

Castle Coca is a unique combination of late medieval architecture and the exotic Arab models of palaces. This interesting castle stands equal among land covered with dense trees along the spanish town of Coca, which is located in the province of Segovia.

This city is the successor of the Roman settlement Cauca, where the Roman Emperor Theodosius was born.

Coca Castle was built in the late 15th century by Don Alonso de Fonseca, archbishop who was influential during the reign of King Henry IV of Castilla.

Along with their religious beliefs and manners, Don Alonso was one of the largest and most passionate fans of luxury and comfort. Coca Castle was built so that it fully meets the flamboyant tastes of its owner. Coca together with the three castles - Cuellar, Arevalo and Olmedo form the important scheme of fortresses, which are the most fundamental defense and strategically located in this part of the Kingdom.

Coca castle is entirely built by sand and rock because the area in which it is located is poor of rocks and stones. Logically Coca was built of bricks, the same as the castles, Arevalo and Medina del Campo and many church buildings in the area.

Although this building is typical of Muslim buildings, Coca castle was built entirely under the authority of a Christian, Don Alonso de Fonseca.

Castle Coca

The facade of the palace also boasts its magnificence. Its surrounding wall finishes with a polygonal tower at each corner and along the wall were built much smaller oval turrets.

The wall rises from a large pit of 40 feet, which were located in places with a comfortable view for artillery defensive tactics. The main building of the castle Coca, is locked in the surrounding walls with the form of towers in the middle and is made up of multiple polyhedral and round smaller towers.

Coca Castle is located close to the Mota castle, which is similar in age, size and architectural style. Today the palace houses the Coca school, but it is open to public visits.



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