Space needle in Seattle

Seattle is located in Washington and is known as the evergreen state. This is the largest city in the most northwestern part of the United States. Seattle is located about 180 km south of the Canadian border and lies between the Gulf and Lake Washington. This North American city has 17 neighborhoods. Seattle is also located close to Washington University, which ranks one of the top places in the ranking of universities in the world.

Seattle is the town where Bill Gates lives. One of the reasons Seattle holds pride is because of their contribution to the development of high technologies. Suburban Redmond, is the headquarters of software giant, Microsoft. Seattle has a large port, which is a prerequisite for industrialization of the developed city. Biotechnology in Seattle ranks one of the top places in all cities in the U.S.. It hosts the headquarters of Starbucks Corporation and Internet retailer Amazon, and also much of the Boeing plants.

For tourists in Seattle it is important to note that the buses in the city center are free. Some of the lines of public transport are even equipped with a rack for wheels where you can hang your bicycle while you travel.

For years the creation of city Seattle is considered to be during the year of 1853, it was incorporated in 1869 and Seattle was named leader of the local Indian tribes who lived between 1790 to 1866. Seattle even has built a monument of the chief who is located in a beautiful park with a fountain in the central zone. Undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions here is the symbol of Seattle is the Space Needle. This monument was built specifically to host its World Expo in 1962.


Monuments were built in high lifts and in less time you can get to the very top of the Space Needle. From there the view of Seattle and its surroundings and the proximity of cities is really fascinating. The symbol of Seattle has a restaurant which is built on a rotating platform. A full club tour is made for about 50 minutes. Be sure to sit down to eat or drink something while enjoy the awesome view.

The tour of Seattle can not be helped when it takes you to the beaches of the Pacific. This beach is very quiet and clean. It is not likely that you will see topless women, and it has an absolute ban on the use of alcoholic beverages. The water in the ocean is quite cold and in practice it is not for bathing, but at the expense of this beach it is ideal for walking. Do not miss the chance to stop in the coastal market that resembles the real life markets, but is significantly larger and more colorful.

Among the sights of Seattle are the Museum of Fine Arts, to which there is an interesting figure of the blacksmith, waving a hammer. Opposite the museum is located a Children's Theatre. Seattle also has a museum of World War II, which is also quite interesting with exposures. You can take a walk to the port and, if you're lucky you will catch a glimpse of some blue whales.



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