Casa Loma

Casa Loma

In Canada, it had crossed nobodies mind to build a medieval castle, before the first Frenchmen and Englishmen to the North American continent. Then this dark period of European history had long been gone, as the financier, Sir Henry Mill Pellatt failed to put up with that in his country, so in 1914 he decided to build the incredible castle Casa Loma.

Casa Loma draws thousands of tourists today with its stunning Gothic facade. The building is in fact a creation of art that occurred in the past century. Its name comes from Spanish and literally means ‘castle on the hill’. Built on a hill, this palace of Sir Henry is located in Toronto and today it houses an interesting museum.

Casa Loma was built over three years between 1911-1914. The architect of the mansion is EJ Lennox, who is responsible for the design of several other attractions in the city. Until about 1925, it serves as the home of financier Pellatt, but then in 1937 was turned into a historic house museum.

The draft of Casa Loma was prepared in 1911 and four years later it was ready. 3.5 million dollars had been provided for its construction, but ultimately had spent more in order to set the furnish topic in Renaissance style media in all 96 rooms. The interior and furnishing of them was rather eclectic, because the owner decided to make them a mixed sort of style. However most of the medieval halls go hand in hand with the modern.

Casa Loma in Toronto

Of course, each as most castles, Casa Loma has required adjacent spaces of stables, wine cellars and the floor is riched with oak parquet. On the first floor there are premises for the conduct of ceremonial events and in the higher exposure is set today, which tells the life of the original owner and his wife, and the history of Toronto in general.



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