Dublin Castle

Palace in Dublin

The capital of Ireland - Dublin is where you can go walking around the pretty Dublin Castle, Dublin Cathedral and Chester Beatty Library which is also a museum of art where you will feel the aristocratic atmosphere of this city that is considered the bosom of the Irish writers. Dublin in 2003 was named the best European city to live.

There are no two doubting opinions that the main tourist attraction in Dublin is the, Dublin Castle, which is beautifully situated in the heart of old town. The palace is situated on Dame Street, and today it is headquarters of the Irish government. Earlier, until 1922 when Ireland was already a free country status, it was the headquarters of the British authorities in the country.

During the centuries of its history, Dublin Castle performed different functions. The first building at the site of today's palace was a Norman citadel at the time of King John in 1204. From this period they preserved till today they south tower, which is the oldest medieval tower in the City (1228-1230). Once it had been used as a prison during the Tudor times.

Castle in Dublin

During the Middle Ages the Great Hall was built, which even then was used for meetings of parliament, lawsuits or banquet receptions. This vast audience lasted until 1673 when it was destroyed by a fire. It is a miracle that the Dublin Castle remains intact during the riots of freedom of Ireland in the 20's of the last century. At that time, many colonial buildings that today would be architectural masterpieces were destroyed.

Today the nature of the Dublin Castle has remained, as it was designed in the 18th century. The Castle is a remarkable piece of medieval architecture, while combining several styles in construction. Inside you can visit different rooms and apartments, such as Hall and Park St. Throne Hall. The palace houses the Chester Beatty Library which is both a library and art museum. The collection of rare books, miniatures, drawings and manuscripts have been collected by Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. The museum hosts international exhibitions, which are enjoyed great interest.



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