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Malcesine Castle

Malcesine Castle

Malcesine castle, Maltsezin or Malkezin title dominates the Italian resort town, which is located in the central part of northern Italy. On one side of the town are the water landscapes of the beautiful Lake Garda interlaced with the wonderful Alpine scenery. Malcesine castle is a romantic medieval castle which was built on a cliff high above the picturesque lake.

Malcesine castle is a former fishing village, and today is one of the most popular recreation areas in this part of Italy known as the Province of Verona. Castle Malcesine is located 120 km northwest of Venice and about 40 km north west of Verona.

There is hardly enough words to describe the beauty of this place as it has the unique combination of mountains, medieval castle, a picturesque Italian town and offers the most beautiful views of Lake Garda. Malcesine is beautiful at any time of year, but especially in spring and autumn. At that time of the year couples from all over the world go there to have a beautiful wedding in the medieval Malcesine castle.

Sometimes wedding ceremonies in the castle reach between 7 and 8 per day. The busiest time for newlyweds is September when the weather there is mild, sunny and pleasant and also allows maximum views and landscapes to the beautiful Lake Garda. For years the Malcesine castle has built tradition in organizing wedding receptions.


Today the fortress is not indoors, but its ruined walls are ideally suited for wedding ceremonies. There are essentially three rooms where the weddings take place. The little room accommodates 40 guests and is suitable for small parties. It is located on one end of Malcesine and offers incredible views of the lake.

The second premises is made of white stone and is located in the tower of the fortress. This room is larger and accommodates 70 people. Perhaps, most impressive is the terrace of the palace, which also overlooks the Garda and can accommodate about 80 people.

It is believed that the Malcesine castle was built back in 568 years, but since then underwent several renovations. Today the territory has a museum, offers interesting artifacts and most interesting history of the Lake Garda. At the bottom of the castle is an old amphitheater, where different chamber concerts are often held.



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